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Nats looking forward to new interleague format



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Tue, 9 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Nationals insider mark Zuckerman now joins us live from Nationals Park -- great -- getting a taste -- play. Early here in April how teams feel about coming back home and facing now in. AL team yeah I you know they're glad to be home -- is kind of strange facing an American League team in the calendar says April ninth and here are -- interleague play so what happened. Well the Houston Astros moved nationally the American League and so now all of a sudden their fifteen teams in each league. Odd numbered teams in each league you gotta have interleague play every game this season kind of a strange quirk but you know that's just -- deal with the schedule they were given. It's a little different I think. But I like it better I mean having those two weeks or whatever it was really just have to playing us in the American League teams it's kind of nice to. Just kind of sprinkled that in there on. You know it's so tough to play -- -- you don't know a lot of their players on their pitchers and obviously it's the same way from. For the American League rather than to come in and have their pitchers hitter. And it's just -- it. To trick you -- thing. It could be -- more difficult for an American League ballpark. We're. You know. We -- guys can hit so. It makes it tougher on them and they generate. She's here and there's not a lot of things began a lot of resentment. Yeah as you heard Davey say Adam Dunn normally DH for the White Sox not in the lineup because -- playing in and actually part. -- he may try to force his way in -- to left field at some point during the series if you remember him from his days in DC. Outfield not his best suit but as first time out of his back in DC since 2010 when he played here. Very popular player. Went to Chicago got a four year deal was awful his first series at 159 point eleven homers -- way below his career. Averages last season came back strong 41 homers -- -- all star team for the first time. I still holds a special place a lot of people's hearts here really remains one of the most popular players in all of baseball. You can learn something. I got a guy you know -- and Terrell time news fans the moon. The -- wasn't -- since who's going to some things and you know he took the set up make up one run on their plan known that's immune professionals all -- and I think that's one of the things I took from when he was here. I think -- have viewers hitting greener pastures on a good team and I think she's he's very happy with with I was -- -- -- I loved my time here in. You know obviously have some really good friends -- team and we'll begin the season and everybody from it. Talked about it. Now the guy that replaced on here first base Adam LaRoche actually missed the last two games in Cincinnati with a sore back he's back in the lineup tonight and hoping to get off the snide hope for thirteen to start the season. This -- known as a slow starter but masters certainly use a little more from there number five hitting first baseman. Yeah we were -- -- would definitely be good to see his fat back Arie thank you very much mark Zuckerman live from Nationals Park writes that at their home for six. The White Sox up tonight. CSN Washington dot com.

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