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Wizards-Knicks: 'It was raining threes'



  1. JR Smith1:26
  2. Carmelo Anthony1:00
  3. Atlantic Division1:33
  4. John Wall0:06
  5. Knicks0:46, 1:17, 1:32
  6. Madison Square Garden0:08
  7. Mecca0:08
  8. Ottawa0:47
  9. Washington0:02, 0:33, 0:43
  10. New York0:54
Tue, 9 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com just say Miller was motivated tonight. John Wall visiting the Mecca Madison Square Garden was 45 points last sixteenth. But he had absolutely no answer -- for this it was raining threes in the garden. Especially in the first quarter. Three point barrage he leads the league showing why they had nine count of nine in the first quarter. Actually it's a bit more threes than twos in the first on their way to a thirteen point lead while doing his best to keep Washington. In the game driving dunking. Moments later that you -- coming up with a steal and we're going the other way with this one. Decent defense and landed out of Washington got themselves as close to six. But the Knicks would Ottawa right before the half wall slap in the backcourt great -- Cool thievery in the -- New York goes to the break up fifteen. Things got out of hand in the third beautiful what -- Carmelo Anthony rocket on -- -- the -- opinion mark. -- -- -- division title. Did Melo put this in the bed he had seventeen points in the third quarter 36 in the game. They -- twenty threes on the night. The Knicks didn't fool round with Washington winning -- 120 tonight at bats in the Melo had 36. -- 33 how about this off the bids nicks JR Smith and Chris. -- hope. He had seventeen -- again as the Knicks clinched the Atlantic Division. CSN Washington dot com.

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