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Caps' Ward pays tribute to Jackie Robinson with jersey number



CSN Washington dot com. With tonight off capitals forward Joel Ward was the host a special advance screening of the movie 42 depicting the true story of hall of Famer Jackie Robinson which opens nationwide on Friday. The number 42 holds a special place in Ward's hard and what's a -- why he wears the number. When I first came to DC. You know I got a chance to choose my own number and I was very excited about that and just kind knowing the story kind of want to be interviewed and to number 42 of a man that's overcame so many obstacles and and you know I was who played a sport that was predominately. White says and I feel the same that narcotic actually have his -- that the sport hockey which is. But on the way to an -- and -- have a little connection myself and for Amanda kind of he overcame so many different obstacles. Through the course of the way in and I think that's very inspiring us. Of what he did in and for society and and and I think that's really big. CSN Washington dot com.


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