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  1. College Park0:06
  2. Avery0:44
  3. Augusta1:17
  4. Washington2:18
  5. game winning field goal0:42
  6. blocked field goal1:59
  7. nice job0:13
Fri, 12 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Yeah. Annual spring game tonight in College Park grads live with the first touchdown on a night Albert read halfback pass to Daniel Adams. For the score nice job by Adams holding onto and that want him. But the white squad they answered back wouldn't be a -- highlight without Stephon digs he usually does his usual. Great care finds the end zone nights exact there it's ten -- and white. Back come the red belt. Take a look at that at bat down the left side goes up. Get -- Looks like corner out and hill had it too but ruled. Touchdowns tied him at thirteen game winning field goal -- steak -- for the red squad that Avery Thompson comes up with a block. Did steak and lobster are never won that game and it. I -- Carlin caught up with number one. I spun this is the game really have a lot of fun but I know both sides want to win what you take away from this game what would take away from his game we've played has. Even though resort to resuscitate as a friend who competed be subject semi -- -- -- 100% of our -- was ever on both sides and as we take it retired on a somersault. And I have no no no black and just want to move forward and we go to Augusta you bring in a guy like -- long it's a lot of playmakers in this -- -- are a lot of excitement heading into next season. Eyes and ice time doesn't like to find out as idea how long not a king of we -- -- -- sentenced west to the table or not I am just give them -- and everybody plays -- you know we've only some explosive plays I think we're going over how it would almost. -- saving about Deion did a nice set up here he let the play develop and that is and -- We got back to design a -- data about Zambrano Ricardo young so. I guided Baylor big he's the only one because -- the -- and let him a little bit more about us I'd take the blame. He signaled to me in the season you guys were playing for the winners got steak and lobster I -- the blocked field goal here at the end it's everybody's taken laughter pretty good deal. Does this end now they went out to -- however -- -- -- -- -- -- time but we are got some ice time but I mean everybody -- -- -- -- -- they -- overall we did so. I look forward telephoto -- season I spent some mountains are. CSN Washington dot com.

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