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Ricardo Young takes advantage of spring shot at QB



CSN Washington dot com. With three of Maryland's five quarterbacks rehabbing injuries at the start of spring practice junior quarterback Ricardo young knew that springtime was his time. Knowing that I'm the guy in the spring we will do everything possible. In. My parents provided they impossible to win some back you -- armed attack in the film won't. -- in the field even when we're not practicing and you understand a minus because you know on the China. Cleanup because it made everything. It's easy for me and that came with all of the reps that -- right now. The DC native redshirt it as a freshman at Virginia Tech before transferring to New Mexico where then head coach Mike blocks we recruited him. Moxley was fired shortly after and after a quick ju -- -- young found his way to the University of Maryland where Moxley was now the offensive coordinator -- He's really diligent about his work from being in the film room and -- And staying home to his work every -- Dave and I mean that's the thing now liking somebody pushing to get to my goal is a tremendous -- Any any -- is a Smart and he's young man plus he's got really good football intelligence. And the biggest -- for for Ricardo and he would have talked about this is it. We just got to get him to have more attention to detail made me being back in it does make this thing ending leg I didn't really. We do team period I felt I wasn't running the Indians have played before me so I know the plays but I didn't actually -- them on the field. So I mean if it's a different feel for watching film won't play -- Actually taken reps at least some of -- the once -- and everybody knows there. You -- guys. In College Park and -- Aaron CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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