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Capitals win a thriller against Tampa Bay



Seventh straight win for the tackles Mike Rivera looking for point number 600. In his career. Who scary moment Nate Thompson takes -- to the face -- never seen this before shatters the face mask. Not right in the -- -- could break could have just pushes it -- -- But the same thing to have him after -- that the couple weeks ago exact same type of injury. Nate Thompson skates off blood coming from the -- -- -- six minutes left here on the power play and there is a Bears 600 point. Troy -- loves that slot shot yeah a lot of power play opportunities early. Mean Detroit had that was his fifth shot I believe at that point -- how that the back and that great one foot shot his sixteenth of the season seventh power play goal. Then late in the first period about Jack Killen trailing -- beauty. Maybe a little soft but not finish for -- illness that. Yeah that's a tough pull for them to give up but Jack gets up on the play that Hendrickson behind the play being -- the -- by Vijay from being. And he shoots in stride gets it under the glove between the -- through the glove I'm not sure great shot by bad. Bad goal by that goal but it's up to work done final minute to go boy Alex Ovechkin comes in takes the league lead with -- 47 goal -- they'll be playing poker tonight Ben Bishop that was a bad gamble great work where we report the back -- beautiful move with the skates. Three not -- cats at the end of the first period. And they start pouring in on the second one a thing of beauty here Jason -- Mathieu broke back shimmer of captain yet not quite a suffer from Jason but he gets one back and kept in the back of that way to go to -- -- -- -- in the -- to -- -- -- -- that -- year. The sport nothing at that point in Tampa Bay starts chipping away. That's upon it gets his third year -- afford one -- -- Buffalo. Quickly answer Perot again another thing of beauty if you look back. Eric Fair for a good six assists against the Tampa -- this season. Yeah that's what they needed to do all game drive the net airfare gritty goal way to get that -- stick on the ice. Through the future what's ever in -- again when that happens in hockey player you've played through it was 51 men. It -- more recently as ten in the season's worth against the cap makes it five -- third period now upon us again great re -- one hand. And plus you get to the front of that keeper -- on the ice battle hard you got to take those steps. Perhaps that we control or 53 and then. Okay get a little more intensity Louis again makes it 54 yet north got a particular -- -- fourth grade. And threw forty -- I'm in the cap for him in their own zone the entire period Teddy Purcell. With a goal ties the game got Richard product with the head Teddy Purcell. Patient with the -- everywhere it's been sold the shot everyone goes sports ever went out of position too. Plus for -- from a small little read -- Tampa weigh in until the penalty. Created by -- Joseph and then some Mike Green -- Joseph -- his tenth. This season's second straight game with a game winning goal and the fab four and again six. By the goal coming -- a four on three ribeiro is second. Assist of the game seven straight wins now for the -- Put them four points clear of Winnipeg -- teams with six games still to play.



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