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CSN Washington dot com. You've gravitated towards the pitcher bill suspense -- so for now here comes Branch Rickey. A real historic. Person. And you're playing bad person wanted to take that role at this stage no -- reason. Like gravitate to that job so it's just that became my game so those -- When I started this business I had an opportunity. Ambition. To be a character. I didn't have an ambition to be successful -- things. I mean for me success meant you would make a living. And I always thought it would be in character parts. And I had an excess of law that allowed a lot of other people. To offer me the its so sore I became me and the man. It wasn't my choice it was their choice and I was always ambitious for the kinds of opportunities that -- -- -- like for a repeat Ricky. Represented. -- I've watched you compared -- side by side with with film clips of Braintree. And from the mannerisms. Expressions. The whole persona. It seems as though we just nailed. This rule is that what you're going for you trying to be the best Branch Rickey you could be or were you just trying to make sure that you weren't. Harrison Ford trying to tend to be -- Well -- you know trying to pretended to be somebody doesn't work at all because Cameron sees right through your eyes and injury. And your true ambitions. I did study everything I could. What about for entry you like -- good film every photograph it was written about. Not in the not because I wanted to. Imitate him but a lot of that's experience to be part of my understanding -- physical nature. To be difference to mine. There have been no value to the film and having Harrison Ford who would've confused or because of their experience with -- and in times past so I want to serve the film by being -- -- us. Representation. Of the emotional. -- reality from a fan's view. CSN Washington dot com.



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Harrison Ford describes his role as Dodgers' owner Branch Rickey in '42'