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CSN Washington dot com don't he will tonight. And if you rest up for the post season what I was very very Blatche has got enough rest in his career threes itself. Was off to a fast start John Wall penetrated hit them in one of the wizards' latest well. That's respond with some player late -- down fifteen functional on books from Cris Carter stat -- on the value now they trailed by thirteen after growing up. It was a young definitely showed the second quarter yeah. It's an ice pass -- AJ price and finishes with my twelfth or -- few big men in the league can run like that. Washington -- now thirteen and the nets had no answer for you signed. Taking advantage of what a twelve assists for John Wall with his -- six's the break. We get a tight game down the stretch -- was down three under two minutes to play hardy and mark no hesitation drained the equalizer -- fourteenth. Still not about just over a minute remaining hi Sean Taylor misses. And of course up -- -- -- there for the rebound putback and -- he had forty and twelve. Under thirty seconds to go -- up to Taylor. They get about it -- hits the wide shots as the Wizards fall again. 10610. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Sean Taylor0:59
  2. Cris Carter0:21
  3. John Wall0:13, 0:46
  4. AJ price0:31
  5. the nets0:40
  6. Wizards1:16
  7. Washington0:02, 0:38, 1:22
  8. post season0:06
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