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Wizards fall to Bulls in season finale



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  2. Nate Robinson0:59
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Wed, 17 Apr 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. And so now out of the season finale and the Wizards get win number thirty in the windy city facing. Double John wall's Wizards look at the stuff that five game skid. Could get it done -- about an early lead you're watching my career network you know the answer for Wizards Kirk Hinrich dropping in the Chicago ten nothing. Often miss -- as a Mohamed. Baseline rebounds nice -- and an ice jam. And one point 17 Chicago Bulls shooting 50% that first quarter Washington down by as many as 21 of the first half but. They refused to roll over come back time. Courtesy AJ price price shoot the lights out in the second quarter lead with a sixty nothing on the closing the gap to within two. So -- -- Washington keep it close. Kevin Seraphin and Booker for the -- 6966. Chicago. The Bulls would answer right back Nate Robinson with a back -- three of the shot clock expires. Six point lead to Chicago less than four hours ago and the comeback kid price. -- three pointer. To Ty. About that. We're locked 85 buckets that -- -- seconds left to go down while trying to set the front of the OT it's been this kind of season. Long jumper at five nothing but there. Tough finish was. Pulled -- the season with six straight losses to price with a career high 24 points tonight. CSN Washington dot com.

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