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How good a job have Allen and Shanahan done in the draft?



CSN Washington dot com. Not to ever robes or by god -- And boy until the draft and talking about four ball -- -- Shanahan and Allen have been superb draft is for three years. I think they've been good drafters for three years I mean you got to take RG three out of you get a kick out of it take Trent Williams letting them dictate -- -- Kerry again. The first round but you're supposed to hit on your first round pick up while -- you take a lot of because you pick those guys and a lot of times first round picks come in and they don't make teams. They don't come they'll make an impact. We're all ready got this we've made it -- and number two and number four you better hit on number two and hopefully we'll have missed on number -- a number of back. Little bit and -- won't -- it won't almost draft picks and more RD period and he was everything. And more that you expect we'll let us Lilly will see Roberto Alomar. Alomar bought. -- Riley has not been a -- okay so you could get up three more impact on the it's not the three years and -- keeping Larry Riley are on the same Jarvis Jenkins or think it's been good Leonard Garcia is been. I -- Richard -- been all rise across whatever good let the readers all of that that's six. I know -- he's been all right -- he had a chance to start he was all righty and what he's -- he ordered up moving out Brandon bass and become the return got. These guys have done a very good job other than this that and the -- -- let's go back he -- a fifth -- bit. He was should've been fifty trumpet. So people miss on draft. Bigs they have amassed on their draft it's been traded a lot of draft picks away and you want Donovan McNabb for Jammal Brown accident or are you really think they are I don't know anything on the ground got that you've got. You look at that you think drug trade -- picks for RG three was wrong and out -- juries and right now yes and if he can't play a full season nearing -- out a eventually you're gonna does that thank -- This year being one of the younger it gave relax not think he'd lived there any one thing and in a very good they did build some depth -- think as far as actual impact players we can we got. They've been good. Not nervous about where they've been good not great. You can come -- a year from. Three years of -- three years of drought years got graphics he had six and when you didn't pick and -- us more or -- but. You look at what happened I don't I don't know I don't -- -- it -- in here and -- threw them. When you're not it's okay when you're you're comparing it. It's not I don't care it's like the Landry Jones thing that I -- senior all of has good player here I think they have been similar to what they've done I think they've been good. CSN Washington dot com.



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