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Inside the Redskins Draft: Round 1 expectations



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Thu, 18 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Well folks the wait is finally over it's time to talk Redskins football. I'm JP Finley here with rich Taylor cartel this year -- CSN Washington dot com Redskins insiders we're gonna dig right into the 2013 NFL draft. Rich how -- want how the Redskins on the first round shake out. But can -- be mostly spectators course without it without a first round pick. But I think what they don't want to happen is for there to be a run on defensive backs that's their primary need. And I think we're gonna see a lot of quarterbacks go. In the first round but they start to -- safety uncanny McCargo off the board Matty alone Jonathan -- for him. They'll have a lot of teams looking. Look up to go safety early in the second round. So the Redskins could end up with a 67 best safety out there which is not the scenario they want so. I say if you see Kenny the -- -- don't worry starts -- summit of -- some of these other guys go. That's an issue. -- lot of names for us to keep track of that absolutely. -- what are the skins want. To see happen with the rest of the NFC east in the first round you know the Redskins or have their -- on the Eagles just like all Redskins fans are gonna have their eyes on the Eagles and that number four overall pick. You know Eagles are a team that's gone on got a new coach. They've spent lavishly in free agency. So they are on paper a much better team the net for a win outfit that we saw last year what Redskins fans do not wanna see see what did it -- -- and got to go out and get a defensive tackle what's -- Floyd from Florida he's an. Kind of player can come in and have an impact right away. It be much better for the Redskins if they win and reached in got a quarterback like geno Smith on the West Virginia. Because he's a guy -- most likely going to be carrying the clipboard behind Michael Vick next year. So even though the Redskins don't have a pick there's going to be a busy first round no question first park and rich I'm JP stay with CSN Washington dot com for all your draft coverage. CSN Washington dot com it.

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