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Breaking down the Redskins' 2013-14 schedule



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  4. division rival0:12
  5. NFC east1:33
Thu, 18 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. First impressions now of the schedule now that we've seen it well till the first thing that jumped out at me is the fact the Redskins are opening on Monday Night Football against their division rival the Eagles -- is now a couple months ago it was reported that the NFL was checking with the Redskins the seat when RG threw me back. Now it might be a bit of belief here but the fact they're open on Monday Night Football might be a subtle hints that the Redskins have informed. The league they think RG three's and ready. Job for week one which is what we're we're -- -- hearing from other sources. That's huge and obviously it makes it a huge game and that's why they would -- -- on national TV okay. Where can this team put together some wins first what's the earliest -- -- the together some wins right off the bat those first four games with the exception of going to green and. Four of their three of those four opponents have only won four games last year who performed well OK so right off the bat regardless of who is under center the Redskins path. To get some wins. Stockpile those wins just in case traditionally tough down the stretch heavy rights are very wanna write off about two guys aren't what games are you most looking forward fifth. Personally November 25 -- cap for next comes to DC. He's gonna face RG 32 of the most exciting quarterbacks in the game head to head to -- very important non conference game. You know I had something I I cannot wait for and then the finale. At the giants' Eli vs RG three you know just like last year -- when he played the cowboys' most likely to me for all the marbles in the NFC east. And so we love we love will play for an awful lot of the IR thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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