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The Baseball Show: Strasburg set for epic clash with Harvey



CSN Washington dot com just. And what a great pitching match up. This weekend between the nationals and Mets -- two of the best. Young starters and all of baseball meet Stephen Strasburg against Matt Harvey should be an absolute. Well. You look at the numbers of the first thirteen games of their careers. Matt hardy's numbers are very very similar mark if not a little better. Who's got the bigger -- Side between these two young phenom get you know what I knew he -- be good I didn't realize it was this good so I thought it was numbers. Obviously Matt Harvey is doing some great stuff from that it was going to be great. That long term who's the better picture I think you have to say Strasburg has more upside he has the building any given night to go out there. And as he gets more experience throw a no hitter he's got electric stuff. Whether it's a fastball the slider curve. Or the change of all of them are way above average pitches some of the best in baseball so. -- been great for them obviously I think Stephen Strasburg in the long run is the guy who if it all comes together still can be. The number one pitcher in baseball the idea how is that you have to say shots were you happy Sag Harbor -- flirted with a no hitter took one deep -- -- earlier this year here he is looked special. Well I think really when you try to go back and look at Strasburg when he was it. -- point in his career. Strasburg was very dominant two when he was thrown mostly four seam fastball either really good curveball and good change of Harvey is more of a fastball slider changeup. And he really hit good pitches with a forcing -- for like we -- Strasburg. Of all of the forcing -- that are swung at. -- -- -- -- fifty over 50% swing and miss so that is about as dominating as can be Strasburg was very similar when he was in the same agent same point so. I think there's some things and -- that we haven't seen -- we haven't seen go deep into the game. I consistent base and we haven't seen in two seamer which you're -- Strasburg there's some things now that from harvest input dialogue Harvey's and 94 to 97 Strasburg. He has an extra gear you know that next may be that sixth gear to get some denying united to a hundred miles an hour which I don't think -- can get you he's pitched in DC Matt Harvey will have to deal with the pressures of pitching in New York -- is there a chance. That Strasburg isn't even the best pitcher. On his own team. But -- -- away there strike three call the line in the when you have this going Zimmerman according to strike down numbers excellent. Had Jordan Zimmermann is that -- first complete game effort on the mound this year. Jordan Zimmermann very quietly lost in the GO Gonzales and Stephen Strasburg you look at his last nine starts dating back to last season just in the regular season. He hasn't lost he hasn't lost and here's where he stands out -- reliable every five games you know -- it. And he may not. Quite go as high as Strasburg in jail on certain nights he's also -- to go as low as they do sometimes those guys have a bad night. Jordan you know which -- gonna get mr. reliability works fast throws strikes. First complete game of his career last time out against the Marlins that's a thing he wants him he wants to be the Bulldog runs that. -- is seeking attention. This guy deserves to be talked about among the best pitchers in baseball I agree he's talking like a general manager ray do you look back yeah yeah I think they've got a starting pitcher. Is really what you're looking for on the front office -- guys that can go deep into the game. The only thing that there are many doesn't have quite that stuff could you compare him to the number ones right now with a Justin Verlander Clayton Kershaw. King Felix in his day those -- the top ones David Price they'll go all the ones that have that really electric extra gear in the cemetery -- Manuel dialed up to 98 or nine unite Strasburg has that ability he hasn't done yet -- Zimmerman can but but I knowing you look at Canada. The different tools. Number two star -- at number two we could be a number one you brought up a good point Matt Cain of San Francisco's a -- comes to mind. Nobody really thought of him in the scouting world as a number one and he's grown into a number one because he's pitched all the big games for the Giants visit. Offer Jordan -- -- have a guy who has that kind of stuff and be that good not reliable no. Where what I -- still think our mascot pirate take -- but you know what he's got the right personality for that he's very soft spoken he likes like Strasburg and you'll get the attention he's finding number three on this team. -- want to get paid attention and brought. How that sort of rubber hits read the road right there meanwhile as for the Orioles. They are young pitchers they made that determination years ago they're gonna grow the arms. Their best arms right now are the guys who they brought in from other places and Jason Hammel Miguel Gonzales you look at. Jake Gary at a Chris Tillman and those guys they have not been able to get deep into games this year. Or really in their short careers. A lot of pitches not a lot of results out of. Results in in the team has won all three Jake Gary is starts. But look at the -- you look at the walk walking almost eight per nine innings eight walks per nine which is unheard of at the Major League level last year -- -- -- over six. And so when you start to look at Tillman gets a little bit longer leash he had a good year last year was a solid performer had nine wins and a shorter period of time. He has some upside is fastballs in the mid nineties area they might have the best stuff for the entire staff. But he's been so inconsistent and walking too many guys that when he gets a five innings or less. Each start. That's not gonna cut it too much longer I think he's skating on thin ice he's got marginally better his last two starts. There's some guys that are coming up a guy is Steve Johnson and -- air jordans and a minor leagues and Freddy Garcia. Zach Britton all names that are going to be pushing Kevin -- and -- bogging down the road there you go at me and guys maybe later in the Summers I think those are all guys that are going to be push -- area he needs to pick it up fast. Here's the thing -- it's they can live with it if the guys in the top of the rotation are doing the job done. They've had one guy complete seven innings yet and that's where you're seeing a lack of a real piece on this team we talked about it going into the season that they can go out this winter and get that. That number one guy that could kind of anchor a staff you can live with some of the stuff if the other guys are getting deeper in the games but they're not and so the stands out even more. And then you start everyone falls in the place because in that bullpen is getting overworked you get deeper into the summer that's gonna become a real issue. But the pitching has looked great. Compared to the geysers of what they paid just -- hit the designated hitters have just been dreadful. -- to do that job away tears spring. -- misses he's right about rival bounces a double play ball with the shortstop forum on third is 663 double play. And I take a look at the Orioles designated hitters through fourteen games -- granted on Thursday night Stephen Pierce came there's a couple of hits a home run. But through the first fourteen games. This is historically. Bad. This is where fans can legitimately say hey I thought we were gonna go get a big back in the off season and now we're seeing if we didn't and that's an issue. It's if it's a fair point and I think that's a lot of talk in Baltimore is where is the middle of the order bat that was talked about their stadium wanna I wanna pay that so they're trying to go this other -- And really look at Steve -- no one primal. And Ryan clarity they've been getting them the majority of the at bats in the DH spot. And it hasn't yet been haven't produced now you start to Selig said Thursday night you saw Steve -- start to swing the bat better Ryan -- Start his swing the -- a little bit better so. Maybe they're start your break out but you still when you bat ninth in your line of the designated hitter that is not what you're does designing when you're looking at an American League lineup. Here's the thing DH in the American League is it becoming premier position this is I understand -- wanna go and spend all that money. But you don't give DH nineteen the American League at what the National League teams do when they have to play interleague. You gotta have somebody can count on to hit -- six somewhere in life -- the Orioles have to figure that out at some point. CSN Washington dot com.



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