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Minor League Report: Anthony Rendon update



CSN Washington dot com. This week on the guy until my early spotlight we have some early returns on top prospects from the nets and the Orioles systems. Washington's Anthony Rendell is off to a great start to double a Harrisburg batting over 300 and leading the team in home runs. The twenty year old was rotating positions this season seeing time at second third and shortstop is just after the majors is currently blocked. But with the way he's playing he could force the issue. And that's want to see him get more at bats in the minors with the big league club season major injury Rendell could be on the way out he certainly looks ready. The Orioles on the other hand have seen a rough start for pitcher Kevin gospel. Cost -- a five point six ERA. Three starts after giving up five earned runs vs -- on Tuesday on the bright side he does have eighteen strikeouts that giving a walk. A first round pick last summer out of LSU -- hasn't had a lot of time to -- -- -- and including last season he has just six starts at single layer of obviously he'll look for better results before. Good guy come under the spotlight on Casey's. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. the nets0:10
  2. Orioles0:11, 0:36
  3. Harrisburg0:15
  4. Washington0:02, 1:08
  5. in home runs0:18
  6. earned runs0:44
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