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Who is the best pitcher on the Nats' staff?



CSN Washington dot com. Part is there a chance that Strasburg isn't even the best pitcher on his own team. But it's on the way in there strike three call the line in the you have this going Zimmerman recording -- strike down numbers excellent. -- Jordan Zimmermann does that shuttle's first complete game effort on the mound it this year. Jordan Zimmermann very quietly lost in the GO Gonzales and Stephen Strasburg you look at his last nine starts dating back to last season just in the regular season. He hasn't lost he hasn't lost and here's where he stands out the reliable every five games no one -- -- -- And he may not quite go as highest Robert Ngo on certain nights he's also -- go as low as they do sometimes those guys have a bad night. Jordan you know what you're gonna get mr. reliability. Works fast throws strikes. First complete game of his career last time out against the Marlins that's -- thing he wants him he wants to be the Bulldog runs that kid is seeking attention. This guy deserves to be talked about among the best pitchers in baseball yeah I agree he's talking like a general manager ray didn't look back yeah yeah I. Starting pitcher is really what you're looking for in -- front office -- guys that can go deep into the game. The only thing that there -- many doesn't have quite that stuff could you compare him to the number ones right now with a Justin Verlander Clayton Kershaw. King Felix in his day balls of the top ones David Price to go all the ones that have that really electric extra gear in the cemetery dating for a Manuel dialed up to 98 or nine unite Strasburg has that ability he hasn't done yet -- Zimmerman can but but -- knowing you look at Canada. The different tools number two star -- at number two we could be a number one you brought up a good point Matt Cain of San Francisco's a -- comes to mind. Nobody really thought of him in the scouting world as a number one and he's grown into a number one because he's pitched all the big games for the Giants is it. Offer Jordan to -- have a guy who has that kind of stuff and be that good not reliable no. Where what I -- still think our mascot pirate take him but you know what he's got the right personality for that he's very soft spoken he likes like Strasburg and you'll get the attention he's finding number three on this team is going to get paid -- -- brought. How that sort of rubber -- -- the road right there. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Justin Verlander1:23
  2. Matt Cain1:45
  3. Clayton Kershaw1:24
  4. Stephen Strasburg0:33
  5. David Price1:28
  6. Jordan0:21, 0:29, 0:54
  7. Starting pitcher1:14
  8. regular season0:38
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Jordan Zimmerman excelling in his role