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Redskins set for most prime-time games ever



  1. 49ers0:17, 0:33
  2. FedEx Field0:24
  3. Holland0:16
  4. Cowboys0:09
  5. Dallas0:07
  6. Minnesota0:13
  7. Giants0:23
  8. Washington0:49
  9. football game0:43
Fri, 19 Apr 2013|


Csnwashington.com. Our rights no other prime time games this season and Dallas for Sunday night matchup with the Cowboys on October 13 Thursday November 7. At Minnesota another Monday night home game with one against Holland -- in the 49ers on November 25. And then just six days later as Sunday night match up against the Giants at FedEx Field are Redskins insider -- this year weighs in on. He is must -- match. November 25 calling capita in the 49ers come to DC to face RG three and the Redskins two of the most exciting quarterbacks in football it's going to be an important game conference wise as a football game you can't ask for anything. It. CSN Washington dot com.

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