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Strasburg starting games -- and the season -- slowly



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Sat, 20 Apr 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. But -- Dave Johnson -- -- Geico sports at central but -- we start there was some baseball we start on the diamond you know the national Stephen Strasburg on the mound last night. Against the New York Mets Matt Harvey going into the match up -- undefeated. Well Strasburg shall we say is had some issues of weight on the mound. Last night well the Mets behind the strong pitching performance from -- beat the nationals 721. -- thought were 16 innings giving up two home runs and four runs on six hits -- what were -- to go along with six strikeouts Harvey. Capable of four of seven strikeouts in seven. Innings of work. -- face is now gone one and three on the season. Talking about his struggles -- we did. Well I think the biggest thing is I'm not having good enough feel early on hum. Go out there and just study him and get the some quick innings -- people in the game that seems to be like the case last few starts. Felt out there come stuffed on enough strikes early and it's kind of a -- myself in the foot. -- you know he didn't hit some very. He just was missing that I could you learn hitters you know a lot of pitches. But we had a chance to us. And you throw strikes early battled to a premiere of the Comcast sports -- studios I've Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com it.

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