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Who is the impact QB in the 2013 NFL Draft?



  1. Cam Newton0:59
  2. Gaza0:07
  3. Jets1:28
  4. Washington0:02, 2:25
  5. franchise quarterback0:25
  6. arm strength1:33
  7. Smart guys1:38
Sat, 20 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Was it may have -- the way we have to bring in a big Gaza join me down this was a blast that Charlie ghastly and Charlie. RG three we all know how good he was OK -- risk is very evident they found their franchise Clement last year instead of the way for this you. I'll buy -- and they got a lot in this thing now because he would it matter what pick they had. There's -- franchise quarterback this year there's nobody that compares RG three the issues draft. Is there anybody who you look at his draft day we we knew we saw last year that luck yet RG three and if they were also was an -- that is there anybody. In this draft day has -- taken that any kind of impact like those guys Russell Wilson. Wasn't known as the same guys -- has argued real look but he showed the play can they for as a write like that. I don't see anybody right now Brian geno Smith is is that consensus top quarterback in -- -- And if you and there are some similarities it would -- -- -- in fact I think he's a better passer in college than Cam Newton. But you're gonna have to design your offense to which can be done but there's some other things about a -- holds the ball is accuracy is off I'm not sure about his leadership. So I think what you have this draft is a lot of second round quarterbacks Worrell mean by that. They have one or two characteristic -- like an enabler to that keeps them back a little bit so we have more projects in this draft that sure things. When you go and you look to for that guy is there one important qualities that you look at. For quite recognize you bring -- can be to -- you for the Jets. Well I take a lot of output of could be -- to -- is that what would Joseph Gibbs was here that one thing was arm strength that blood -- was toughness you have both of those things anyone -- Smart guys but he could work with a guy. Entailed the offense to what he can learn -- -- could master. But I think this when you look at what's the biggest trait. It's -- Kyle has that ability to make the big plays. In crucial situations at the end of the game. And that's so hard thing to judge because in college you don't really see -- have to do that a lot of ties because the defense is on that good. But at Travis there's a way and we go to scares the hapless -- quarterback they already out with him if I'm -- -- -- I'll there in his draft this year but you guys. Our backs right the Redskins will be without a first round pick Fisher for best percentage of the same looks in the RG three deal -- -- -- okay. But they do have a regular real -- including just six in the fifth. But you -- from north north Calvert painfully. CSN Washington dot com.

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