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Csnwashington.com. Bull advocates say they're back -- Atlanta seven games six and went zero for veteran look at their. Computers they feel like Rashard trophy illegals were over it wastes little time off a turnover. -- -- look -- don't look at that -- in third place Cubs of one another one minute. Same thing players scored for our five World Cup before you play. Hospital about eleven through the big -- and Davidson down yet in the second more brown finds himself alone in the slot. Nineteen year depth at an early victory gotta go three up the hill. Second period capitals on the final play short while Rivera as the league's great passing holding my necklace back but yet he was able -- play reflects the best place. The report from the hood who normally give very Montreal if not the little shot -- -- with the -- -- shouted yeah. I hit pretty bad things we showed -- there's still third cup -- the probably the greatest show that. The -- of the year -- -- five about the so all the women -- twelve Buffy shut up -- -- hopefully -- throughout the world his gold cup match Federer. Before Montreal before. Well okay I wonder if there's a funny spot favorable free shot on dog but important win for sure snaps behind the Canadian won the final. -- CSN Washington dot com.



  1. World Cup0:21
  2. Montreal0:48, 1:10
  3. Cubs0:18
  4. Atlanta0:06
  5. Washington1:24
  6. period capitals0:37
  7. gold cup1:08
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