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Alfred Morris welcomes new competition at RB



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  2. DirecTV0:46, 2:09
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  4. Washington0:02, 3:10
  5. Expensive vehicle2:23
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Wed, 24 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com box the draft and -- his their position you'd like to see. Somebody picked that. Mariano definite loss -- draft went on me I'm just gonna be watching as a fan not as. As a player you know who's going to be interested to see who's in draft to where in. One of the lot he doesn't land operationally we're running back -- really interest in. Yeah I -- -- -- them demonstrated doesn't have been a loyal would have to do that and I'm surprised you know I'm. I was him for competition and it is all better so -- -- great -- the guys not allows -- to compete against each other. If they wanna bring some -- saying -- to the fire him bring in my you know we always. I'll look at the new you have to more than area. Now you're presented to us by DirecTV some curious tested. What we can expect from their Sunday NFL ticket this year. I -- that the law they often amazing offer right now for new customers. Yet beautiful -- to get for free for existing customers they often at a historically low price. And unlike some of these other. Phonies at. They had their fifth epic and who show the only ally is they actually the only place you watch any minute of that game. Every Sunday colonies diesel and have a -- and Alfred. And I just have been on a tinkered my parents enough and we think it is because if Florio between west and no question racing game with the primetime game on Monday Night Football game. So I'm -- so they can not have to listen to it on the radio as -- as a deal last year for most of the game so do you actually watch -- you know inaction in the rest of the team so. Agree offered. Of course is nothing wrong with -- Larry Michael and and sunny and and -- do their job but so really is a personal thing for you you get you in your family how women -- -- doing this. To them so it has got to -- little a bonus for your familiarity had and a little more this although -- although under customer it's free. They they don't have very TBA -- -- so what with him offered it for free on them differentiator. I'm different I know they're gonna go to the they would axiom about some other. Petitti out -- actually about you know -- -- he has so. Not at this DirecTV offer in this you know -- offering any really can't refuse so I'm definitely out on the -- radiology at Eric he's -- out again easily I'm not there. Here by women all the money you save on not getting a brand new and tremendously. Expensive vehicle you can at least handsome too friendly assailant here's -- here's a gift for. Oh definitely yeah definitely if they want and I've definitely quote I paid for and not no no no questions actually I want a come out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You ready for OTA days I think again. I'm so great have been so bored as I'll have been busy but I've been bored because. You know Nestle RO animals fun -- on the field between those you know white lie some -- -- -- -- OTA initiative -- police. -- out for horse as good to see you and we will catch up in the coming weeks and months when you guys get back at it. And we'll I'll look forward to seeing the old wily veteran offered Morse. I had if you leave things alone and CSN Washington dot com.

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