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  1. Tim Hudson2:28
  2. Ryan Zimmerman0:58
  3. World Series1:30
  4. Davey Johnson1:18
  5. Roger Clemens2:31, 3:33
  6. Stephen Strasburg0:29, 2:24
  7. Bryce Harper1:05
  8. Cardinals1:07
  9. pitching poorly4:13
  10. radar guns3:05
Fri, 26 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The reason there's concern guys for the nationals is because they came into the season with what we thought were the three things you need to win dominating starting pitcher. -- deep lineup. And solid defense and so far -- albeit early in the season. We haven't gotten any of those three if you look at the numbers for the first 21 games the starting pitchers mark. 710 -- Stephen Strasburg deal Gonzales and Jordan -- how does that happen. Yeah I think the surprising thing is at the top two guys Strasburg NGOs have been consistent on GO. Thursday night fantastic one hitter went out there and did exactly what you're supposed to do to get any team back on track and and Strasburg on Wednesday after shaky first inning. Was much better after that but yeah let's talk about the lineup. Because I think that is the bigger surprise. You thought this is team that's gonna hit and and not go through that kind of prolonged stretch but here's the thing there without Ryan Zimmerman and to me that's made such a difference. With Zimmerman on the DL and the -- not hitting well all of sudden there's no protection. For Bryce Harper you saw that the Cardinals series of pitching around him to get to -- -- and the other guys the rest the guys -- -- -- pressing trying to make something happen and as you guys know. That's the last thing ever wanted to do in baseball. And you saw the effect. And listening Davey Johnson but he sounds legitimately frustrated is talking up benching -- Whether or not plumber knows he can play second base can Espinoza and he had a big night on Thursday. But dating the guy who said it's World Series or bust out again -- sounds frustrated. Well any kids in need to look at -- from an organization standpoint and really the answers. We are within on this team it's not really -- team that you bring up a guy from the minor leagues. -- on is not ready yet even though he's up there right now he's shown as I and in the road to stop the roaches fall he's always been. Year in year out of this very slow starter in that first half. You look at it overall and you certainly you know you saw Werth over the weekend that's for you swing and at three -- trying to do too much Espinosa trying to do. Too much CD has been trying to hit the ball. You know out of the ballpark -- those things -- that team that are struggling the good news is that I got to continue to struggle this way what you try to do is simplify these things he citizen I'm not find a pitch that I can hit. And if I don't that I got I'll let it go take it in let the guy behind me. Do the job and that's what they're not doing right now. Let's get back to the pitching now and I'm gonna make a comment here that's improbably raised some eyebrows but I look at Stephen Strasburg. Whose great but I -- may be more Tim Hudson who's gonna win his 200 game. Then Roger Clemens to put the fear of life of baseball -- you every time he took the mound. Maybe Strasburg gets together becomes a dominating guy we thought. But there's something not quite there that -- thought he'd be the. -- I'll win the game in town yeah I think that's the one thing he's just we know he has the stuff is no question about that and over the course of his career seen success he's had. But now you're seeing. Teams they seem a little bit more they have a sense of what he's gonna go at them -- and he kind of changed his mind set also and going at at these games he's not worried about the strikeouts he's not worried about the radar guns trying to get quick outs. The full and philosophically I think that makes sense but you had a situation in that final game the cardinal series they need to win big time. He's got to come out there in the first inning say I'm the guy's gonna put in the street. Wasn't totally his fault you know three early runs there -- some some -- bloop hits in there but the mannerisms just the look in his -- I think -- still another level for him to get to. Of any legitimate ace that is I'm the guy that's put an -- -- the street. Right yeah he's not like they're not yet anyway he's not that Roger Clemens got -- we need to win today put them but the team on my back. And we're gonna win this game no matter what you don't see him. -- and fire like UC with the Verlander or somebody like that and I think that. That's the one thing that maybe because early on he's so worried about getting into the seventh or eighth inning to get early contact. That he's not attacking hitters early in that first inning. But the way he was throwing his breaking ball the other day. It later in the game he was really going after with some effort and some force -- was really put leaden. Clearly the hitters were on their feet there has not been a lot of fear with other hitters yet with Strasburg his stuff is so good but you don't see that. You see guys -- Allen looking kinda comfortable right now so. It's not like he's pitching poorly it's just not he's not pitching up to that the standard and the first inning for whatever reason. There's been an issue for him he seems to struggle most in the first inning. CSN Washington dot com.

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