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Caps let Ottawa game sneak away



  1. Ottawa Senators1:33
  2. New York Islanders1:30
  3. Boston Bruins3:00
  4. New York Rangers1:29
  5. Maple Leafs1:31
  6. Alex Ovechkin0:54
  7. Craig Anderson0:14
  8. Erik Karlsson0:35
  9. Marcus Johansson0:44
  10. playoff atmosphere2:13
Fri, 26 Apr 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. 600 day relative veteran cavs fresh off -- Southeast Division title they're -- the senators' first -- capsule of fact. -- back from down the way nice pass from Mike Greenberg Craig Anderson. And I say we threw scoreless until the first half of the Cowboys what's his shot from Mike -- Anderson was another certainly proud of their -- good club at home and shot. That was what first third and scoreless second period. Cavs another sport -- -- real veteran and Jack Delaware Q given your over hill and can't finish. Children dying minutes of the second Ottawa takes advantage Erik Karlsson first game back from injury. Today is a point shot deflected by -- both Silverberg. Has won another Ottawa but the cavs finally have some good fortune Marcus Johansson tipped that a result of getting Eagles out of -- -- his 32 goal -- your game is tied it. Had one -- just terrific stop by Alex Ovechkin. Dying seconds now as we go. Have been dying seconds of period Ottawa on the power play Kyle tourists who shot goes up a cross bar. Harsh -- the caps escape we're headed to overtime but in overtime to Ottawa turn the penalty over again. But regulation. Now we know that -- -- Gonchar knee hurts his old team the capitals Ripken's role model ordained a playoff berth and the win at 21 in the final reward. Jill Sorenson pads inside access. The -- entered tonight knowing they would face one of four teams in the first round of the playoffs. To New York Rangers the New York Islanders the Maple Leafs or this Ottawa Senators team. Nothing happened tonight to change those possibilities. But Washington did not beat the senators in any of the three regular season matchups. Proving they would be a formidable playoff opponent. This -- -- miscue -- on us and put the pressure on the stuffed creating about. You know this general I don't know what it is the last couple times experienced some -- it's just the -- it's. You're not getting any chances and its pretty disheartening. But still -- good teams find a way to to stay -- it and we -- in a lot better tonight that we have. We knew that they -- just pretend to know. And trying to create the playoff atmosphere and jacked up you know we've played two nights ago as it was pretty electric in here. And we had to try to let that go and get ready for tonight and that we didn't -- -- Joba. Consider this game I dress rehearsal for the playoffs but the camps realize when the curtain rises for real. They need to raise their game another level. Right now offensively -- receiver. The same time we -- Where -- -- -- a team that. Remains to beat them but. You get it's gonna say you get a break down a couple that puts a little more and you back to drive what's on a seven game series it's fulfill or easier to be -- The -- regular season finale on Saturday features yet another team coming to Verizon Center with something to play for. The Boston Bruins -- have a division title and playoff positioning on the line. With the caps Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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