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Pat White will stand in for RGIII while he recovers



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Fri, 26 Apr 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. It is dark -- this year -- in laws. Comcast sports that you can -- outstanding work Macias and watched dot com and you up to hear what the draft because of -- -- -- show. Talk about what they would view on this edition of the show right quarterbacks. While quarterback quarterbacks that will start. Obviously before quarterback so start it is the back about like -- -- back maybe it was a very highly -- didn't work operative. Here India. Is exactly what's gonna like. I don't think so I think he's coming in with a blank -- I mean if you know from a from an outside perspective it seems like you know with with RG three -- laid up right now with a knee injury. After tweaking your playbook and you're trying to make fine tune adjustments for next season you've got to have someone who can run those types of plays and OTAs and maybe even into training camp. And you know -- as much as Kirk cousins would like to try to run those plays I mean it's probably best left to someone like Pat White. But you know what but at the same time he's got that opportunity and he clearly wants this opportunity. You know even if he doesn't stick here and I think it's probably -- that's probably the way it's going. He can put some good stuff on film he can get his name out there he hasn't been in the game for three years you know he's got to show other teams he can throw the ball still and he can still run our run offense so he might end up somewhere else. Dollop Pat White college do with West Virginia now what do I feel like setup. What are -- lights it up. Rex Grossman will talk about into the second but there could Pat White players off on the roster. I think so and you know one thing we haven't talked about as he has. All sorts of skills and he could probably wind up as though wildcat kind of player maybe oath in a receiver you -- exactly can do other things I mean he comes and he's an outstanding shape he's -- a 4440 and you know it just looks really really good. I I see him in -- may be earning a spot as another a at another position. That said I I still think he wants to be a quarterback -- that's why he's coming back. And I and I think even he knows that he's he's putting his name back out there he needs to get some experience he needs to get. On other GMs and coaches talking about him maybe some stuff on film and you go somewhere else. So you got two rookie quarterbacks cousins. And RG three last year this year other second year -- Rex Grossman last year kind of the metric to them whoever thought that the gunslinger himself. What play that role and he's back again. Absolutely no I I think. Are a lot of times in pro sports we overlook the importance. Of having that mentor type player you know someone who you know can teach the kids the ins and outs of the game but also you know who knows his role and -- I'm sure it was it was a bitterest pill to swallow for offer -- to go man on third string now but I don't know what. I mean. You know he knows where he is in his career I think he's comfortable with his role. Instead look pretty decent amount of money for for what he does I mean I out of you would make it somewhere else so. I mean -- I can't imagine a scenario where this team goes into the season next year without the same quarterback -- in terms of depth. He really likes the staff the staff likes that the other quarterbacks young quarterbacks like about Kirk cousins jobs I remember RG three saying arm after a practice early last season. That Rex was like running routes what was you know and wide receivers Roy worn out they were already you know ahead and headed for the showers. And RG wanted to throw personal footballs and Rex what. I don't routes and -- Dialogue about the travel Rex grows a bit now current Colts get the heavy load during the offseason. How tough is it. For the coaches step I think we did you hear figuring that Robert will be back -- hoping probably be back you don't know what will be back. It you have Kirk cousins who have some different skills. Are tough for them to prepare for ball. You know I I don't things we all that difficult I mean -- that the base offense doesn't change regard you know whether whether. -- yet Kirk for your RG and there it just it's like. On the base offense with a little bit of a bonus win when orgies in there as a which is I think sweats were Pat -- can slide and and and helped him refine the playbook. -- you know I I think this is an excellent opportunity for Kirk he's gonna be able to get all those wraps. He's gonna really sort of goes -- -- wilders to see if he plays into the pre season alive. And you know maybe even a gamer -- and in the regular season this is a really big opportunity for him because at some point he's gonna wanna be a starter and from what he's shown so far he probably that probably is his ceiling and he's probably can't be a starter in this league. The downside for for RG as you know the second year for quarterback is a very critical time in their development near misses where. It can go back in the offseason and work on those reads and things that you know he wasn't all that comes with western and -- doesn't -- was not that comfortable throwing the deep ball last year. He's missing all that time right now so. -- when he gets back in the lineup he's got a lot of catching up to do mental reps are great but they're not the same is our real -- -- argue that I thought RG three last year was ahead of schedule for rookie quarterback. Really at the knowledge -- -- me then of his feel for the game. Help to be ahead of schedule more mature that a rookie quarterback so this year the middle -- as what is gonna get -- the question during the entire offseason has got a big. When will he be back that's the thing -- -- I think we've got to get used to. Absolutely I mean we're we talked about this all the way up and soul on that first game. It is good drive people crazy. And -- probably gonna drive RG trees yeah I mean you remember how driven he wasn't had a concussion how badly he wanted to play there in Cleveland and I'd you know it's gonna happen again this year I mean it's gonna come down those last two recruits training camp he's gonna be. You know pain around Cheney's office go on go to ready. There's gonna go what's with the doctor says. The last song and dance but on the Pacific theater offices is a -- before the -- that. CSN Washington dot com.

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