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Redskins bolster defensive backfield with NC State's Amerson



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Fri, 26 Apr 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- -- -- we knew that this was a position -- it would be looking at improving how they see Emerson fitting into the secondary here. Detroit fits in quite nicely -- we think about the future of the Washington Redskins to look at the other corners. -- -- hall Josh Wilson and the new got to just brought in his for out of free agency exhibitors there. Under one year contract so it looks like David Emerson might be a quarterback for the future is also primary Gunner on special teams and NC state. -- is huge where rookie to make his get his name called. In the NFL now he's now at Washington Redskins back on April 10. He visit with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and the secondary coach -- -- it was a very good meeting and now he will learn the pro game at. With a birdie -- I'm those aren't loaded the video on the good players like a good defenders. And you know in that position he would get after an you know what I'm Ramallah to be a part of really that we get the call. I was you -- it is a kid's dream. Play this level when you get that call run through you but hopefully I guess they call me. The dog we're getting. You know it is over the years in this call oh obviously you wanted you physically -- there are other playing and you know I think it is. These are I didn't realize. It is one of the -- Chicago split. Of course David Emerson a very excited to be a Washington Redskins and with the 85 pick their second pick in this draft they chose and tiger and and in Jordan Reed a jury to redshirt junior. Be surprised that tickets every my colleague a Redskins insider tar -- which are you surprised by that -- knowing they needed the safety you know not I'm not completely surprised because you know there's that. Age old you know by dilemma on draft day you know or you'd go for needed you know for best player available. When I was looking at the Redskins needs I came up with -- number one cornerback number two and tight in number three you know not necessarily really in that order so. Obviously there was something in Jordan really liked him he's -- he's an explosive athlete he's personally can live in the back -- leagues without why didn't go in motion. Reminds you a lot of a guy like Fred Davis who's on a one year contract. And -- you know if he has a good year this year he's going to be in line for a very big pay raise. Maybe you're looking at a player who could step in for Fred Davis next -- the other some uncertainty right now with style with Fred and because of the Achilles injury so. You know is -- a real -- braided into a certain line -- becomes that. Play making tight end for rocker in the third. No we're Celsius are tar heel this year are Redskins insider on CSN Washington the Redskins have. What now five more picks to coming in the fifth round so -- still could be some Wheeling and dealing you never know at this level but. He also I've known Mike Shanahan always something up it's a surprise since. -- -- -- running back out runway is always some guy went back in the pack winds up sitting around a lot of yards if Mike -- -- still spectre of. Yeah you bet we'll be waiting all night to get that when I think you very much sicker in as a dark -- here. With our -- coverage. CSN Washington dot com.

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