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Is Zimmermann the Nationals' best pitcher?



  1. Tim Hudson1:02
  2. Stephen Strasburg0:06, 0:50, 1:17
  3. Roger Clemens1:06
  4. Jordan Zimmerman0:11
  5. the nets0:13
  6. Cy Young0:09
  7. Janet Jackson0:16
  8. Jerusalem0:49
  9. Washington0:02, 2:01
  10. pitch count1:48
Fri, 26 Apr 2013|


CSN Washington dot com but tell me I'm wrong Stephen Strasburg is the phenom. GO Gonzales almost won a Cy Young last year. Jordan Zimmerman. Is the best pitcher on the nets that -- look at what's happening now what are you -- lady got -- go Janet Jackson on that and the fact that this guy at this point is point one. He had 2.0 ERA could not hiding -- that is gave up one hit right now yes he cannot think. Run support in getting me the best by one run and he can do they wouldn't keep it going when he wanted to keep it -- did you feel he's at he'd play well last night. But overall he's pitched better than everybody out there. Deadline zone very well oneself but I think you look at over at the moment I'm looking at two years removed from surgery. I think that's that's the future we -- Get when it comes to Jerusalem we'll Stephen Strasburg right now for whatever reason struggles in the first inning games he's won four is lost four straight starts we all think he's gonna be great although. I've made the point and I did last on the baseball show that -- more of Tim Hudson. Consistent winner very good Denis he Roger Clemens which is a Bulldog gimme the ball every five days I Wilson company losing streak I will win twenty -- I will have. You don't -- to want to strike out. I don't see that from Stephen Strasburg but he's very very very good -- docile little inconsistent when he's good he's really good when he's not. Jordans -- been as consistent. You know what you're gonna get from him night in and night out and generally he keeps you in the ball game and then you get pigeon -- it's like he had to walk 75 point six pitches per game. I mean he's sort a lot of strikes to get a lot of big -- get them out Stephen Strasburg who we know control it a 104 pitches per game. There's a lot yet now and Strasburg knows sharper knows he has hit that pitch count down from it it is he's young he's he's not as far removed from that surgery he will most likely one day you better right now Jordan's it was -- has treacherous that -- that's pretty good stat but I. CSN Washington dot com.

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