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Jordan Zimmermann has a 'textbook' performance



CSN Washington dot com. Since arriving in DC eight years ago the nationals have seen their share of dominant pitching performances. -- -- Yzerman may have topped them all on Friday night they complete game one hit 91 pitch shutout against a very good hitting reds team. Exam. That's true. Since I've been here that's ministers came on -- Yeah. Slow pitch count through an afternoon. You know never you know I never had any problems at all about living. Hit. Stephen finishing. Runner on third and nobody letting kids. Low pitch counts don't focus. Thank you earned every right to go way. And it was -- to see. And I -- you know thrown thrown straight -- guys and then you know not -- in deeper and deeper in the constant. You know just let let them for the -- play and I don't care about strikeouts and -- I don't wanna walk anyone so common consummate tranda. I mean that was really good to -- for -- and threw the ball great you attract goes on in my roots came and so -- to explode the -- wanna do it. They did a great job I'm really happy for Holmes -- who's -- stand there. I was watching last night and then don't you stay on the bottom of the zone to and then there's going and it's -- -- -- to -- tonight. And I just I decide that men you know I figured if I do the same under the same. Results this Herman's jam came only 24 hours after GO Gonzales and Rafael Soriano also one hit the reds how -- -- is that. Well the last time the reds is a franchise were held to one hit on back to back days July 5 and sixth 19100. Yes 19100. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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