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RGIII reassures fans at 'Skins Draft Party



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Sat, 27 Apr 2013|

RGIII spoke to fans at the Redskins Draft Party and made a few athletic moves to assure them of his health.



Csnwashington.com. Redskins nation that full force on Saturday but it took experienced player on the very same field the heroes make their office during the ball. Rules but the cool thing to do for all league is inside. Those who might be helping him and some would come on -- kid. On a day like today the only thing you have to do. Be careful where you stand. That is a direct hit on my man Mitch the other day. Some Redskins Ralston on me. I mean it's a great feeling I mean our fans are amazing just. You can see how many fans are out here and this just -- -- event just. I mean this show you how excited that they are for the season the to have start just doesn't Mazen to slow that the fans there there are so important matter when just the season's -- on -- the -- season. Some Kansas did do that -- -- Now of course most fans were there to see. The -- no he's good but number ten well there. Is it ten and so actually yeah who do you wanna see today I Heath -- He's currently. What's the big deal he's just a quarterback. He's the best quarterback in -- -- the fans so starved for recognizable -- they settled for anything. And then. You're right. Robert Griffin the third who came to this very event as the first round pick last year came this year as the face. The French. I'm on good you got some -- So. I'm not gonna run a little bit. Snow. How big no worries. I'll take is slow but at the same thing in my -- and ago. -- -- that RG three took one last round series to -- moves. You can sell Robert Cabrera thirds influences felt everywhere. The read option never gets old. Fans got what they came for a chance to watch and see RG three what they really -- to he comes September ninth the Monday -- opener. Against the Philadelphia Eagles right on this -- At FedEx Field chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.