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Nats need to keep Atlanta from running away with the division



CSN Washington dot com. Right now the and that's what good a team that. Put a lot of pressure on themselves. And their feeling the wind up pressure wildly to pressure they put on themselves who was killed in the suppression of their right up from outside put on an alternate and another Davey Johnson's a World Series above it's all these guys like worlds or anybody has that they were talking about where they but I think when the national media everybody from the outside so open it's on now you watch them. Everybody is pressing their is trying to do more. Just doing your job they have ever goes out there and am in a business I think they're come on Islam but nine times you lose to the -- wouldn't talk about the Braves. You know from NASA NASA and the Braves or talk about what a break instruments they we're gonna show so that attitude is a little different than. We can't lose when you got the pressure and you'd x.s on your shifts that is a different ball game -- I I just will say that it's not the national media that did this the -- put this on themselves Davey Johnson and I liked it. I thought it was great look I still think the top to bottom they have the best roster in the best rotation in the game and they shouldn't be a World Series favorite. -- paper a lot of this on themselves they wanted they -- asked for it now you're getting it it's a whole lot different when you're in the hunt did not the hunter kept. Again I mean I think about would you talk about what we want to feel how great their pitching staff is and he also gets Soriano the bullpen is going to be better. We're just still have the -- there and play. Know you watched tonight they did not perform as a team did not hopeful at that team last night Davis suffered enough plan as bad as his record in the game. Putting that it really helped the rest of the guys still have that was -- got bombarded by dual threat to knock him all over the place. But you have to go out there and do your job on that particular night the Braves beat the Braves did last night. And have the nets don't have more than. Series -- -- in nine games and grow. But they have. Have to go out there make sure today handled their business and not try to was impressed let me ask you as a former athlete because we'll talk about a mile -- -- -- go for a professional athletes okay. Let me ask you where their teams. That you matched up against for years admit I don't know what it is about this team but we can't. Be there where it literally was something psychological because if you go player for player is okay but some psychological and got into the of the Giants -- -- -- I recovered Vegas gentler and how well we played it was thought they found a way to beat us in the end but then eventually you just we beat him one time. It would be to again to me had a -- of our our go to the Eagles and Giants would it favor them again and all of sudden Eagles were normal run of re energize whenever they felt like it. It's just you get into a groove when you start beaten a team at team is always thinking. They're going to be this. And they keep -- they're gonna lose a game more times than not -- -- -- so we've seen so far between the nets in the Braves and that's need to turn this around because you don't want to Braves get. Too far I know it's a long season you don't want to get too far ahead. CSN Washington dot com.



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