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Caps OT: Breaking down the defensive lines for the Rangers series



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Wed, 1 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

And then turned on its. -- It will quickly go through the defense pairings here. I'll just get -- six because it's looking like McDonough and Girardi are gonna go after top pairing. We'll go with -- tells Otto and strong men on the second pairing and then and injured more on the third. The caps we know the caps assaulting her green which to me it was significant switch. For this coaching staff to go away from the Carl author and John Carlson. Second hang up Erskine. And Carlson and then Helen and LSD which no one probably two months ago would have expected -- to be here they're pairing in the playoffs. Why you know you've got one group in Washington Capitals that can move the puck so much better and then the Rangers as far as skating the puck up the ice stretch passes. First passes entries on passes to get out of the zone. Or exit passes I should say that you know that that they've figured out how to control their gap Mike Green. Best defenseman in the series phenomenal players excellent talent. It can really control the game. Is that a lot of there's been a lot of collaboration with the coaching staff this year to make it more complete player. He's getting involved offensively but not higher risk he's shooting the puck. Which makes him a weapon all the sudden you've got to play him on your heels a little bit as a defensive unit. You know you go over to the other side and your exact their -- and Alexi swap if you want. Opening -- gets hurt comes back and then offensive force them last month through the month of April getting shots through the front that playing with a real scrappy guys the velocity. One of the Beckham's best stories in National Hockey League all season long makes things happen. Just what I get a you know John Erskine. Have so much better with him -- this system is perfect for John Erskine and he's a great go to guy. For John Carlson can calm him down keep you from getting the upset and force him to shoot the puck all the big heavy shots. Now I gotta go over the Rangers finally and you know what they know how to play the game and John -- but it picked up next on the street I've seen this guy in the American Hockey League all star game lets him play American League games. I think is an excellent players that he's going to be got its going to be noticed that this playoff series at. An excellent skater. -- high draft pick. He's finding his -- a lot of times you until you change teams if you're struggling and it's and the team -- struggled in a certain degree go to a place for -- good coaching. You feel good about yourself and I've really seen him play -- better game with the Rangers. Steve amateur together this scrappy battles continue to get contract after contract in the National Hockey League so. He's got to be doing something right he is competitive in the corners in front that not a pretty hockey player. You know so. He's like that Alexi category doesn't fight but he's a guy that does what has -- -- play the game. But they're before they're all what defense -- they're all about grinding out front of that blocking shots playing hard reporters heavy hitters Girardi hits every shift. He blocked shots every shift. Very good defense not pretty not fancy not a great skater not. You know. -- danger with the puck so much but he knows how to play the game excellent leadership out of him every game -- we kind of put him on the map in Washington last year the way he played -- playoff series. He's a -- this kind of struggle with some injuries so we they've got to go after him. And then bills -- it can be an offensive force to be sitting back this year I thought he would not allow more. And you know but he's he's playing that defense itself that the Rangers have struggled with all season long. And strong -- again another guy that's under rated for what he does. Gets the job done quick passes. Can do more offensively guys that got step up in big games. You know it's going to be a tough battle here and all depends who imposes their will with -- the capitals decide they want puck possession. They're gonna have the edge if the Rangers. Who put the fore check on I think they've got here so it's going to be dictated how they come out in the opening game who's who's gonna have the advantage because people are strong in what they do now. Both defense of course aren't enough to -- to push them back and. CSN Washington dot com.

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