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Rob, Doc pick the Caps to take care of Rangers



CSN Washington dot com. Hockey finally because. Yeah like -- break out in forever finally tomorrow night at this time up the caps and Rangers will have played my simple question you capturing his third straight year fourth time the last five. We got who's willing to sit on their own capitals. I. I'd taken in not everyone agrees with this which is the way -- life. Is that they missed the boat is the deepest capitals team topsy. More deeper to Boudreau team I've read the -- about it this is the deepest I've seen now what. Still remains is it the best that I don't know Rocky start to -- level we all know that. Given the power plays in the beginning too many penalties now this team is on a roll -- a 718 and three why. Because. -- All three lines contributing. Of course to start getting that done quality in that super play Bob both centers on two lines not gonna come down to. Playoff hockey and that rob that's a whole different ballgame. As Hendrik Lundqvist is the opposition. And he is flat out they b.'s between the -- Capsule in the -- the reason I think I got caps. I say in six although I think it could be five or six I don't know if I don't see this one going seven I think the caps to win. And it's because of Adam Oates. The Devils beat the Rangers last year in the Eastern Conference finals -- was on that staff he's familiar with the Rangers symmetry what he's done and the way Alexander Ovechkin has played over the last two months. I just don't think the Rangers can match up -- that I'm hoping for a quick relatively easy series five or six games my question becomes though. What if caps lose game one they start to grip the sticks a little tied one if the caps don't get out of the first round what's the future right now of this franchise if the caps. We've seen them stormy and I was at winning the presidents' trophy we've seen them squeak in by having a great last month. We all feel this is -- Pretty good team solid team playing well confident what happens this team fall short what what where they have to get -- feel good about this team get a win game one. We're not gonna play -- Obama but again my bus system. Only allows me to deal -- reality I don't do that would've should've could've hypothetical game the -- game one. In a big -- in game one didn't we go to game two this is a process before the year they won a presidential over there by with. What happened. You don't -- squat. You gotta win each each period. But period it didn't get a get the game and he got to move to the next. And I wish I had those fortune telling steals and a lot of people are business do. I wasn't blessed with this deal I got a particular set of skills and using the ability to analyze what I three. Not hocus pocus salt the game hopefully would you rob Colin is that they will win game one. And they'll do that they do the little things right and don't do things better dumb was it -- early on creating hooking. Trip to get out of position defensively this is not a guy scoring game. It is gonna come down to the ticker and the team that I've seen. All the the last month or so has shown me a resolve and they being -- they've been tough they got crashed that that if they do that. -- went my biggest concern about the -- -- their at their best they were the best overall power play in the National Hockey League when they're on the power play. Very different kind of team Kobe is a different player led the league in power play goals in the concern is the Rangers. The lowest penalty taking team in the national -- they don't they don't give you power play attempts to the caps have to figure out a way to get a man advantage. Let my three B Mike Green let -- be OV. But the Rangers are just a Smart team they don't take it dumb penalties that you -- talking about the delay game where you put the puck over the the side boards they don't take those stupid. Put -- in the neutral zone. They're they're fundamentally Smart team with a lot of veteran players guys who have been around the block a lot the caps have to match that. Trying to figure out a way to put some pressure on the Rangers get them into the penalty box and take advantage of that top power play because you're right. Henrik Lundqvist in net and he's he's a guy who can win a series for you hopefully it's not this will probably. I just believe is rob I really believe. That in the past who make all we know -- -- great millions what they -- they -- what they proved to be and I think this team has. CSN Washington dot com.



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