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Making sense of Nats' up-and-down first month



CSN Washington dot com thanks for clicking here on CSN Washington dot com on Tracy's here with Patrick -- A federal baseball with a month of the 2013 season in the books. It's been kind of an up and down month for the nationals we've seen some good we've seen some bad pretty much and every unit of their team. As we go through the second month. Went to give the nets fans one reason why they should be encouraged and maybe one reason why there is reason for concern. The good -- last week is getting construct -- starts from Strasburg Jordan's Jordan Zimmermann GO Gonzales is -- -- pitching really come around at the end of the month here and they're a little shaky in the start in the bullpen has been a little shaky two foot. Get some good starts out of Zimmerman in particular was dominant in the last -- -- threw a complete game in 91 pitches you know have to worry about him and his next start it was a high pitch total in the game. Really brought MLS start and you saw all the starters gonna turn -- -- at the end of the month here. Yeah I think the one reason. The nets fans should be encouraged despite the underwhelming month. Is the player Bryce Harper personally because. Last year they they dealt with some injuries that that was something that they're dealing with now the record was better. They didn't have a guy playing an MVP MVP pace like harper has a knoller roach and Desmond got a VP votes. Harper in the middle of that lineup kinda changes the. Right and you deal with an injury to Jordan Ryan Zimmerman is missing some time but you got a one year old kid out there basically carrying a load and putting together really impressive season so far and to have harper out there doing it every day and staying in the lineup and kind of provide Dolphins that they need even when they're not get a lot of support from some other players is really huge so far and he's really put together great season's first month at least. The one thing that I I think is still going to be a concern is the bullpen personally because I had when they lost four straight. And they've they've won a few incensed when they lost four straight it was a really the issue but. Losing nine of twelve I really think the bullpen and even the defense kind of played a role in starting that skid. It's something. That may get better some of these guys might come around but there's they still might have any issue I think with lefties with a play with the -- as -- -- And Davey Johnson kind of talked this weekend about how they haven't really found the right roles -- likes to use is paying people ten and with a different selection of a pitchers and they have last year he's -- -- finding everyone's -- finding where they're gonna fit in and what role everyone's gonna slide into eventually but. Even they're starting to come around and you have Soriano has been pretty strong at the back -- there so when you have Clifford. Store and then their relievers they have the work with Matthews on top of that you have Henry Rodriguez has been on and off but. They have the pitching there it's really just a matter Davey Johnson finding girls he wants to use them in and get them there what's the starting picks up than you have a strong bullpen if you just need him for his seventh eighth and ninth. CSN Washington dot com.



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