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Caps adjust to Lundqvist, Rangers for Game 1 win



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Thu, 2 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Hard to imagine that's a playoff hockey and we're talking goalies who -- -- on the -- so we're excited you know this of course fourth. I've springs capitals Rangers involved in the post season it's now twenty games over that span and guess what. Hendrik Lundqvist for the Rangers has played an old forty games are against the capitals but he had a goals against average one point 76 in April the capitals got three goals on him tonight what did you notice. About Henrik Lundqvist because he's still -- big saves. We don't what he saved initiative in three nothing in the first ten minutes of the game and Lundqvist was everywhere he was battling throughout the game he kept -- minute. You know he he finally got beat on a rebound off the backboard but it was it was a lot of shots from everywhere high speed lots of traffic to the front of the net. Early in the game and he kept the Rangers and they end up scoring first the capitals are the best team in the league. -- coming from behind to win when their food trailing after the first period to a didn't faze them and they were all the come off and start to pick him apart a little bit so you know what. He is he still was the back part of the New York Rangers she stood tall all game long battled as hard as good but those odd man breaks that. -- he had against them that's pretty tough to stop. Now for the capitals on the other hand prior record signal for the capitals are Braden hoping what have you noticed in his development. What the guy just so calm he continues to play the same way he's aggressive and I think he's a -- was somewhat more position we found this season long. And he's a very active goalie but you know what he doesn't overdo it he still state senate to the pocket. He's aggressive he battles against these big bodies that are front and he's protecting the top part of the net. And he continued to make saves he wants to be the first -- to four wins in the series and we've played Panetta thank you will be over the capitals -- worked on both ends tonight both on the penalty kill. And the power play when you know the power play they had to make some adjustments too because it did near -- were really really aggressive on -- tonight. And all the sudden they split -- you see all the sudden Mike Green and extracts from our way up top and it forces the Rangers the walls are covered. And enabled them Ovechkin to get to the front of the net unscathed and get that rebound and get a lot of time probably way too much in the Rangers wanted to give them. But it was all about that to altering I'm getting guys back of penalty killing was sensational. A lot of great saves by -- thing but you know what the caps were doing a great job of getting the puck out of the zone. Cleary getting all the way down but once again let's hope we hope -- hope the on the penalty kill him. CSN Washington dot com.

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