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Capitals get ready for game 3 against the Rangers



CSN Washington dot com. You're doing now like capitals analyst Alan may. Allen the capitals have gotten -- to the start they wanted to in the first two games had they keep that going in game three tomorrow. Well you know they've got to be position -- sound tomorrow night Madison square garden and got to make sure that they don't let the fan noise the crowd reaction get to them. They've got to stay in the game they've got to commit to their positioning has got to be five man spot in the pocket at all times. They can have huge coverage breakdown and if they play games with in the team's game plan and not stray away from it they should come out there for a while another went -- Hopefully his first full season shutout in game two impressive performance is that it wasn't that difficult because his defense was so good. What is this opportunity for him ministers to showcase. What he can do and establish himself as one of the better goaltenders and only one he was one game away last year one victory away from proving it to people but he was an elite goaltender. He wants to win this series as a goaltender goaltender matchup with the guys and absolutely sensational and the defense I think you probably don't want. At some point blank saves he's had to make he had weddings we are definitely the Lakers and finish of her that he continues to play elective. He's the backbone of the team right now he gave the team that much needed confidence. There retaliate politics today. You recently wrote down what it would take for the capitals assault Henrik Lundqvist in game two. Did you see that absolutely you know that the -- first and foremost to over commit to blocking shots and he over commits the parks so we get the puck to the front of the net on quick strikes. He's over committed you can be into the rebound you can be on any re direction because he's so committed in his position and that you're running -- -- them. You're gonna see the -- -- kill for a the Rangers penalty kill four guys and and a good box formation always too wide open on the other side and you knew you'd you'd think the past is going to go over there so they cheat over. Mike Green walks the line sends it back over and expect to -- you know what are still high guy and Mike Green taken a shot away all the shot lanes. From the big time shooters are taken away Phillips -- goes back down the Rangers get through all see now all four guys are below the hash marks here everyone's -- the -- Hope he's way too wide opening don't want. So it might -- puck from. Coming back over here. No doubt about it shoot it over commitment. But all the -- look at the all the commitment apart all and one half the -- like course itself for a veteran should not be that wide open he -- -- in all four Rangers watching. No -- going to get fit him. And just have to have fun -- so that's a huge urban the penalty killer and Lundqvist too -- -- over committed usually stays in the proper frame of your same type of thing. The Rangers are in good position -- here form -- for boxing out they're giving site lies ahead of Lundqvist. That's exactly what they wanna do we know -- the captain studied us they look Mike greens is gonna go to best and mechanical and Rivera. He goes back for Rivera casinos are cheating over all we Rivera goes in and watch them clock. Huge huge huge mistake by Ryan Callahan over commitment Rangers once again Mike green is gonna make sure that he shoots the puck pound it through. The flags and once again Lundqvist can't do anything about it because he's all the committed to the -- he's one of those goaltenders. He's a big body but when he breaks down and sets in position he can't recover. Could make the stop. That's our capitals analyst Alan may as a series now shifts to New York for game theory and you can see that. CSN Washington dot com.



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