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The different coaching styles between Adam Oates and John Tortorella



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  2. Marcus Johansson0:36
  3. Penguins1:20
  4. Pittsburgh1:26
  5. Islanders1:21
  6. Washington0:02, 0:56, 1:04
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Mon, 6 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com yeah. Through two games the capitals are winning the special teams who are against the Rangers they scored a power play goal in each of their first two games. And are perfect seven for seven on the penalty kill. But there's more to this series and special teams. It's a dichotomy. Of two coaches before game two when John Turturro was asked about getting reinforcements. He said. We don't win we're done. After game two he said the Rangers power play was too stagnant. And we -- almost paralyzed on the flip side when Marcus Johansson misses an open net that would've given the caps a one nothing lead. Adam -- walked up to him and whispered in his ear let it go. I know that feeling it's two different styles by two different coaches but so far the power of positive thinking is working for the capitals. With the capitals chuck Gormley CSN Washington. No doubt about that things have formally will pay caps fans -- shot at winning -- Playoff tickets for the season Washington on FaceBook and look for the past week win sweepstakes -- We're giving away. Taking -- an autograph jerseys and more great prize of all week long -- like he had been in Washington on FaceBook and part of that half -- More happy Penguins and Islanders from. Long I Lyndon I'm like caps series this one has no forward a goal second period Pittsburgh got one Doug Murray. CSN Washington dot com.

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