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Caps look to push the pace in Game 3



CSN Washington dot com. Guy -- sports net central club today. Everybody personal here for CSN Washington dot com the caps currently lead the Rangers two games to none. With game three taken place tonight at Madison square garden and Washington knows they'll have to get off to a fast start. To beat new York at the world's most famous arena. They're gonna have learned their homes and spin them now and what. There's gonna stick to what we do it and maybe. You know we play well and and their gambling all that tennis try to get things on and -- things and Tom did work in our -- Do something we keep saying these -- not gonna play off from what they do return make him playoff what we do it they come hard we're gonna stick with -- or disconnect. To keep calm and you're saying it's not gonna let it change your -- sometimes you -- -- -- -- -- hazards -- -- at a position of -- run around and kind of disgusted -- and -- through the system and I'll tell you just kind of braced for a little first and ten minute Russian and go from there. Just for us that we can't let it affect us you know it's gonna be electric chair and that says that's what you want as a player and it's exciting it's it's a lot of fun. And you you can't let it affect you you know that there's going to be time -- guys come. And it -- advance wraps them up and you know they'll handle that and if we do a good job handling it will be okay. If they go up three games to none no in the rangers' history. It's over and I'll do for us in -- Comcast forces studios on Chris Miller -- Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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