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Capitals-Rangers Game 3 highlights



CSN Washington dot com. Mike greens. Who got the game winner the other day would love to have done the same thing tonight as they take on the Rangers in game three. And the capitals would start off in the right direction as they John Carlson shot. Deflected by nick factor again you know you gotta get the puck to the front and they have got to get bodies they're good puck movement from -- get -- John Carlson makes no doubt about it gets it up in the air right to question my back. So they would look to add to the lead Jason John -- however with a great opportunity but -- rings and off the crossbar the -- get a break. Looks like they were looking at the bubble lifelong. -- America can't believe it. Seconds after -- your power play expires -- Brian Boyle cuts inside fires in the short side -- -- we tied at one. This is where Boyle makes that move and -- the nets tied bill -- still think it's a power play goal. Just can't find expiring friends that play you know what kept the department that decides to cut and got some free ice. Cut back rather go below the going great shots were tied at 12 period ranger power play scared Broussard collected the loose puck in front. They told -- sticks out his first career playoff goal New York now I'll -- one. Yeah a great job of finding the star wide open in the slot -- gotta get back that are there. Caps look to respond to him. That gets a numbers get behind the defense Ovechkin -- Mike Ribeiro but he is well. My standard Lundqvist. Now we keep working later on Mathieu -- finds a -- we might dream of he put the top shelf second the post season ties in it too. Yeah that's available for work in the corner and a great heads up play by basketball and even court for a better shot by Mike Green. We go to the third period caps cant clear the puck. And it's restart again beating -- national front for the one -- -- nothing else we can do about one and it will be three to New York Rangers. You know what the -- -- Little bit slow all night long -- not look carrier here the Rangers craft all game long four point player snap them back. Good face off work here Matt Hendricks wins it back to Jekyll and his wrist shot deflected by Jay Beagle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Jay Beagle somehow get to stick on that. Back and forth battle continues New York who respond Rick -- series being deflected by -- -- on the and again the Rangers are up by a goal. And what a great side -- -- whoever cracks in the front and that this is a classic here. The Rangers goalie given that trap door area and crashing the net but the cats and a chance to force overtime they've got a power play they've pulled -- all week so it's six on fourth. But the caps are denied on multiple opportunities -- Lundqvist stands tall. When they needed him most and the Rangers hang on for their first win of this series. Well -- three is the final at Madison Square Garden. Our game summary that shot film is dead even. Ravens with the advantage in hits. And Allen this time it's the New York especially teams that had the edge on the capitals again they did what they had -- they were perfect on the penalty kill we knew that that they have a better opportunity here in the bad ice. And it's six chances you better for at least one. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Mike Ribeiro1:40
  2. New York Rangers2:13
  3. Jay Beagle2:28, 2:36
  4. Brian Boyle0:53
  5. Matt Hendricks2:24
  6. the nets1:04
  7. Mike greens0:09
  8. power play0:52, 1:06, 1:19
  9. loose puck1:22
  10. wrist shot2:26
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