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Insider Rich Tandler talks Skins rookie workouts



CSN Washington dot com. Is rich Taylor from CSN Washington dot com. Wanna talk about what you saw at Sunday's rookie mini camp -- -- David Emerson we heard from him earlier it seems like a real good kid how to look. It pretty good I mean you know shorts and helmets. Facing up against some quarterbacks -- probably never thrown an NFL career season pass. But if he he he looks the part he's 61. He's fast he's very very fluid out there which which yeah which would you like to see. And he just let him come -- these not copy. But you know he's he's you as a kid you -- big time college football and interceptions. I think he's got a good he's confident that he can he can correct. You know the issues that he had an NC state because the fall into the late in the second round and out real really become a good steal for the Redskins. Safeties Rambo at Phillip Thomas -- ramble on the favorite but it looks that they thought Thomas loved it here but what's there but now they've got to. They get -- you know what they they were switching between three. And strong safety and and the part that we watched we saw like an hour plus practice out of five -- sort of hard to really -- hard to really tell. But but they were there are both playing a lot of. A lot of bulk and what you know I think the more natural look. Thomas up more near the -- seem to have good instincts yelled. Getting after the run game getting in there in the backfield try to disrupt things and -- seems to be a good last line of defense out there you know he can he's got the discipline. To have to which many reds and safes safeties have lacked in recent years has a disciplined -- to hang back there. And beat -- last guy whether whether it's a pass play or and I saw one you know runner kind of broke way around -- and you're Rambo was back. -- am forced him out of bounds. Right at media and he's like a half or not the Lis franc injury but he'll look real good to me I mean I could be a fine. Yeah he's he's a smooth athlete again. No no -- -- with -- some positions that really hard to -- pass rusher is it's really hard to -- but you know he's he's got the size. Again I -- a kid who's who doesn't lack in confidence he's had some success in big time college football. And -- -- I I think he's can he can. You know that that kind of correct gold jacket you can't have too many -- from -- bills down to is smoltz yet where is gonna bite out of -- -- Jackson you've got Kerrigan. You know wherever he's gonna fitting and I'm sure they'll be able to go into Houston and and get him get him after the quarterback. What are -- -- or Jordan Reed they set out but we -- Jamison I mean he's. Diminutive but he's got the shifty moves in the national football. Yeah he looks like he's got that one cut in stink which is which is -- hard to find -- that's what made out from Boris. A sixth round pick in all the way up to a 16100 yard rusher. Was that he knew how to play haven't the only run off that zone blocking. And what he did in college or not it is just seems to be an actor so there's a place -- certain timing and if you go a fraction a second tour late. You're done fraction a second you lectured -- on -- right when to do it he seems to have that instinct. CSN Washington dot com.



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CSN Insider Rich Tandler talks about rookie progress on Redskins Nation.