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Is Zimmermann the Nats' best pitcher?



CSN Washington dot com. And -- false Jordan Zimmermann of all the pictures on the national staff Jordan Zimmermann is the nationals best pitcher right. I would say at this point true he's six and one the other one always kept up on what they are. When you are pitching that well and look at the one thing I think -- it gives me hope for Strasburg not Strasburg. Young guys it. -- for you to move Don Johnson he's finally did everything bad that they enjoyed them is pitching match. He's been a lot of long -- on the thing about him pitching game he had a big deal about a quote you nobody's that people would consider what -- fastball bring them without. All of us got a little bit they've killed themselves got a lot of there's awfully good thing we play well. But you look at the two young -- the guys Jordan Zimmermann and also that are saying they plan a little better than everybody out there but I like the fact the what he's doing because. Until look at the future was -- That's exactly right because if you look at this national scene this is one of the things that make you. Really excited about their future this is Jordan Zimmermann right now at the best ERA. In the National League the lowest ERA on the senior circuit so what happens when Strasburg comes round I think he'll come around you Gonzales has been pitching well of late and the national most importantly beat a very good Tigers team tonight. So if you're nationals fan this is very encouraging because if things come together like they -- they're gonna play better than what they have. Been playing to start season. -- beaded tiger seem a bit never beaten since we moved to DC in history as the first -- maybe -- first on the B -- as they were here. And I think you look at Bryce Harper -- a home run Jordan Zimmermann. -- you give him -- He'll go do you give way to -- Because he's pitching that well I think when you look at this -- to a lot of cardinal pitcher goes out they pitched well struck a restart has been pitching OK -- first inning. -- getting a lot of run support but I think as a whole season going to say. Guys a stoppage and just like Jordan Yzerman is we'll see a much better before almost. Night in and out and strategists -- mobile and have him become great performance and everything drops off I like what I see in -- and McNabb vigorous of the rest of the staff will catch -- I think you're right and when you mention the hitting has to come along because it has been very good recently. You know Adam LaRoche is off to a slow start of the season Bryce Harper even though -- still -- the team in hitting is batting under 200 over last night or two games even really had a home run tonight so. This is a team is still trying to put it all together and when they do they can still be very dangerous now they're getting above the 500 mark I think it bodes well but averages. Story early to withstand the nets pitches will be the reason -- still wind turbine division and as you look at did they have not -- as well as they can rest of the guys. -- of right now I think he's -- up all year he may be a Cy Young candidate. He may possibly win if he keeps this up but the rest of the guys have not pitch well I still have the confidence in the guys. CSN Washington dot com.



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Jordan Zimmermann has emerged in the early part of this season, but is he the staff's best pitcher?