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Thu, 9 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com DC united trying to snap their five game skid there -- since 2000 and did. Hosting the Houston Dynamo sixteenth minute. We'll Bruins great touch create some space and loses his defender and beats bill Hamid if you sit up one nothing later in the first half a need. Try to make -- pass but there's Bruins finding. Giles Barnes easy goal awful turn over their next to nothing valuable 63 minute now off the united corner. Kofi. -- Cody comes up with a big line mayor stopped it today Rose attempt. Four rebounds -- breaks there and Brian Ching is headed to Bruins for his second goal of the game. We all she wrote -- -- -- -- goal and he will win for nothing the cold and with more. From our -- DC united suffered their worst loss of the season to Houston after being shut out for the second straight week now head coach Ben -- told me in practice Tuesday that offense. Was not his concern he was concerned with defense so after allowing four goals in this one you can imagine he was at a loss for words. It was is giving teams Colts -- of these teams are earning goals. The same sit back. Count -- DC in the make mistakes. And we have consistently done that. You know guys got to really look at amendment and they've got you because. This is our life you know and and then and this is you know who you got to play would we would that passion and energy so I just don't see that consistently from everywhere. Everyone's been upset with what's going on on the last. Month or so nobody's happy with the way I've been playing everybody knows that everybody's working hard for. Mean for our jobs so I don't think. We've been complacent I think we just haven't been able put together on the field. Don't know how many times this series coming down you know 123 Eagles last time and you know it's unacceptable we can't. Expect to win games. Or get anything out again just where you know always trying to phils. -- sister put little together and player so it only takes one. And hopefully we can get something going from there. That DC united was without the help -- midfielder Chris -- as he's still recovering from a groin strain. They did -- -- daily on -- played about 23 minutes tells me his leg is feeling good. But he still needs to work on his fitness and DC united is going to need all the help they can get. Next stop they had out on the road to face FC Dallas the best team and the Western Conference. At rfk stadium the cold air and CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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