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Thu, 9 May 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Thanks for clicking here on CSN Washington dot com your watch him beltway baseball it's a season marks the mark it's time for reader questions and I think we got some really good ones this week. The first one -- from Eric he asks. What are the chances that the league has figured out -- and or Strasburg and that. Maybe that is contributed to their early season struggles. If that has been going on could -- changeup the reactions that yeah that's a good question we talk about Strasburg are others segment and I think there's a little bit of the league start to figure him out. But certainly not as intimidated by him. As a maybe it will when he first came out but I think if Strasburg he's so good that he. -- conference itself can locate his fastball he's going to be just fine opposite Kerr -- -- our tests I still -- so -- fastball straighten out he's going to be fine. He -- little more instinct question to me because here's a guy who was new the National League last year whoever went way. Maybe there is little bit more of a book coming out on him his last -- Pittsburgh was that he got that big jam early. Got out of it and one of the reasons got out it was because -- -- change. It doesn't throw a whole lot pass to Tony Wilson Ramos calling for. And insisting on a deal with -- but he talked and it's not like it's I'm -- walker -- out right but he trusted Ramos. Started making some good pitches getting some outs and also -- -- -- and I think you may see some more of that from him down the road it's again. It's all about adapting his pitchers. Baseball's all about adjustments. Pictures investigators because of the pitchers. The more they see you at Wimbledon and you you have to learn how to adjust to that and it got out on the road. That's his thing and think about GO looking back at that trade most of the guys they sent the other way didn't have really worked -- -- is kind of favored Houston right now. And Norris is is pretty pretty decent and they got -- little -- on the loan is really -- -- -- right now I don't know if you've seen -- or -- -- he's the one that was kind of -- an afterthought at that time but he he's very polished. Mean I ever be an ace is good solid back pace now or stick with the rotation for the second question really good question in my opinion by Murray the red. Says the one through five rotation it is clear now that they are not the best to worst quarters they should be. Will that be corrected and if so how. And how do you guys see the best course for -- well let's start with that first part you know everyone makes it's a big -- who's number one number 2345. Other than the first week of the season and they want to get to the playoffs. It really matter nobody -- -- -- now you don't mind guys that thing and you are number one vs there when it has off days rain outs. You know it throws off so you don't make midseason adjustments that unless one guy is so bad that you think you need to skip his turn. And I don't think there. There but. The way it's staked out so far this year you have to see Jordan Zimmermann is their number one right right now no disrespect to see Strasburg. But towards -- has pitched like an ace and real -- team. At the moment he's like. Among the leaders in. We NCR a whip and you have to consider him for the all star game starter. And long way to go obviously I think you have to put -- number one if it were right now. You goes if they started a playoff series this weekend I think towards me it was game one. It probably still put Strasburg threw just because as we used yet and maybe that -- I was three because he's been a more consistent you Gonzales. Yeah I think that's the way -- ago parent I know is listed as the as the recently but that weather started so hot I think he would pride but he bumped up in the rotation as well. Third question is from three on two out. Says what is your prognosis or into any random will he stay in the minors. Barring injury or roster player until September call ups or their other possibility. Answered the question we just got to see him for two weeks and you could see glimpses of what he can -- for them but here's the problem he's got to play every. He hasn't done it as a professional even late in his college career he was hurt Dan -- may need him playing every day somewhere. When he was up here -- couldn't afford a plane never ever losing they need some tough games in Atlanta we need is best possible option so. I really think he's gonna stay in the minors. Play every day and time at third base but also some time at second base shortstop. We'll see if another injury came up exited on back up. Otherwise thank you think it's going to be September. Because he just don't want -- this guy's development he's too good -- long term prospect. To bring up your second -- that's yours and his development if you do that is -- -- -- we've heard the organization say he needs more time. And he when he came up -- he showed signs stating that there were a little things defense that I'm miscues base running miscues. That just. Proved pretty clearly that he just needs more and he point out it was a great thing that he mentioned off on his last 8% back down he can understand how much more they think here. It's not just about who's the most talented there's a lot of thought processes in it for pitchers. It's something he's dollars and everybody have to learn and you only get that experience. CSN Washington dot com.