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Haren: 'We've come a long way in a week'


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Thu, 9 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com it's come a long way -- we seems like. You know lose the first sort of Lannan. You know nobody was really feeling great. Jordan pitches using him. You know that third day in Atlanta and these cuts and since. You know we've had some big wins but I mean we're still not really at full strength and we haven't had our lineup you know with -- a 345 hitters together for very long the Syrian and look where we army Republicans over 500 we've gone through a really tough part of our schedule. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think everyone in this room and tell him read and play great baseball being in this season and defensively we're sloppy. Offensively we're very inconsistent. You know even even the pitchers aren't -- great in the beginning but -- you're gonna go through things like that during the season and but it happens at the beginning obviously it's a little bit more more glaring than -- it would happen in July or August but. Pounds it's nice to play better and now he's got to keep you know we've been doing lately. Like to progress -- -- kind of making you know it was great today he sees him swing the bat really good and don't -- continued to swing invective and. Water or sewer and -- did you feel -- thing to -- better and we called him on open to a suitable for us to assume voted won't be the same page thing. CSN Washington dot com.

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