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How can the Caps bounce back in Game 5?



CSN Washington dot com. -- off yet banks up to games and then they go up to new York and they -- -- -- house sit -- figure out you know. What did they do different in the first two games and he did the second to game there was talk about the penalties in the second today. But a question that's -- -- -- -- problems when asked you OK now they are best of three series now -- -- going to be or if. Todd three. Well -- two of the three is the removal. Well. Do you think is going to show up with the guys that came in the first two -- -- -- -- -- -- I believe they're -- to be aspired to -- -- And at home crowd was they mentioned they all gave -- go back to game one. After the victory got muted praise that crowd that place is going to be the electorate. It is something is needed right now also five -- -- -- to win and get back to plan to have a defense of hockey played before. The blue shirts were backed up in a corner they came -- fight. Capitals up to do just that. And they have got to get contributions from all three Lions. And no me. Has got to be the Grady are around him like design a winning and I wanted to find out how many dogs in the first two games how many of them certain to get what it. The first two -- that kid in a secretary. So I would bogeyed the first period easily say the team that serve in the first to a they. That money if five -- five for us today. While they didn't. And then make a mistake step overcome sold the team I hope so I don't know necessarily that gave us -- not have to rebuild that -- they went home and so I'll -- defeat at the I know what they've done what to do this -- 14. Anyone one else they easily lost those game but it. It would to make the -- we need to make plays when -- opted to -- New York they couldn't overcome their penalties that they would try to make a move and it over the -- the school again on. They lost bowl transported three which they could easily won -- -- -- over color me in and directed some of the -- mistakes that they made they didn't do that but I'll say this this team is not as -- -- clean up some abilities. -- -- -- -- And -- has to be OB. Four games one goal that's not the guy we -- down the stretch and we expect him to do more. And he's not alone and had two on the you know Revere we talked about Rivera been talk about him a whole year in. Listen and actually so it's just not over but everybody else is got a gig going cranked up. Amount I want talk about we're relay exit not have a goal and is too late for that. If you wanna visit pass you got to put all your big boy trousers and go to work well. Whatever is our web poll question tonight is. How will. This series play out caps in sixth -- resiliency -- seventh grade this stuff. Sort of sits there watching doctor around -- -- both of -- back. CSN Washington dot com.



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Thu, 9 May 2013|

Sports Talk Live discusses how the Capitals can bounce back in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.