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  1. Jim Hickey0:48
  2. Roy Halladay2:07, 2:42
  3. Fernando Rodney0:51
  4. Cole Hamels2:17
  5. New England0:09
  6. Ruben Amaro2:29
  7. Stephen Strasburg1:22
  8. the Yankees0:14
  9. Kaplan1:15
  10. split finger fastball1:37
Fri, 10 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. But let's start up in Boston -- on McCadam CSN New England. And show on it looks like now are looking at three team race in the NL east with the Yankees Red Sox and Orioles is that how you expect us to go throughout the rest of the season. No actually I don't think this is only -- three team race although certainly the Orioles yankees and Red Sox seemed positioned to be in this race. For the better part of the season and I think it's far too early. Over the course of a six month long season. To rule out Tampa Bay they've had some difficulties. That bullpen that has been so critical for their success over the last few years. Has not been the Sharks this season as it's been in the past. But I've -- feeling that Jim Hickey and Joseph Maddon will get that straightened out I think Fernando Rodney is a better closer than he shone through the first five weeks. And given the fact that. Tampa has such deep starting pitching I don't think you can eliminate them. I think they're in this for the long haul I think they're going to get better and Nikita looked at fourteens being in this in September. We get down to the final few weeks of the -- he -- I'm from Chicago and now David's. Kaplan gave the nets open a three game series here in DC against the Cubs in the -- -- some margin on Friday night sort of like Stephen Strasburg. The record's not good all of the numbers are very good. What makes the largest such an effective pitcher. So marte has a Bulldog mentality he can run the fastball up. 9596. He's got a nasty split finger fastball he's also very good -- his off speed stuff. But he that unbelievably good competitor he has not gotten great run support. He's been a victim of running up his pitch count early in game. -- find himself -- a hundred pitches sometime in the fifth inning that he can not worry about strikeouts and get some easy outs with ground balls and fly ball. -- so -- couldn't make life very difficult on the next on Friday night. Now two of the Philadelphia -- the talent go joins us and Ricky is Roy Halladay nears its got to be crushing for the Phillies now he's going to be out a long time. How does this affect. -- going forward. Hopefully obviously have to step up and Cole Hamels have to step up. But I think it's going to be the number four of five starters that are going to be very busy at some point during the season. I don't necessarily think the Phillies are gonna stick with a guy like Tyler Floyd in that five spot when I think is gonna happen I think Ruben Amaro gonna go out and find himself. They possible number three number four starter and get him into the rotation. So right now I think the main thing to do for the Phillies don't panic just go out there -- game I mean last year when they lost Roy Halladay. That's the starting rotation went down -- also I don't think cliff please don't let that happen he's kind of taken over state very. Club verbal roll with the Phillies at this point so that's what I see in the Phillies right now. CSN Washington dot com.

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