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  2. World Series0:08, 0:23, 0:29
  3. Jim Leland0:50
  4. Davey Johnson0:28
  5. Cy Young1:44
  6. Bryce Harper3:24
  7. Stephen Strasburg1:47
  8. Stratford2:07
  9. award winner1:44
  10. spring training4:44
Fri, 10 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com the nationals look like the nationals in what was a potential. World Series matchup a lot of people predicted it would be -- match against the Tigers and not come away with a sweep. Disinterest these two teams let's take a little -- got between the two sides let's start with the managers. Jim real World Series winning manager in 1997. And three time manager of the year. Davey Johnson. World Series winning manager in 1986. And a two time man. Mean this is this is tough this is arguably the -- best managers in the game without waivers and it's hard to say -- -- review we got these two -- I mean how I'm a huge Jim Leland can't have been going way back to Pittsburgh. I think they've -- slightly from the Davey -- so home and collected and talk about a player's manager he's -- got free things up a little bit of a Rocky start here this sort. Some managers really include might have kind of moments that just gave me confidence in the guys at all. Stays with them so thank you guys to find the pressure on himself -- -- -- like that especially on this team. -- -- player managers they're both excellent technician for -- -- -- in the bullpen flawlessly and those -- that's what you look for him don't. I figured I might take -- lead and -- just because he had a couple more years left David got one year left after him has probably three or four -- that might be the two great hall of fame managers are right how about these cases of this fast. Justin -- five time all star in 2011. Cy Young award winner and in VP. Stephen Strasburg and 2012 all star selection and number one overall pick in the 2009 draft. Here's -- uninteresting ones. We'll -- with -- not quite there yet. He's taken Verlander dropped well I don't think -- right now you know and I think that's with the caveat if I think that's Stratford and B what were. Lot of the things that Strasburg is going through now trouble early in the game in the first inning in particular from time you have seen bill he would be a little deep into the game. That's what Verlander had to deal -- in his early part of his career and then it all kind of -- there -- 070 we've -- in that range. He's taken up do you want the best pitchers in the game I think prospered as a synthetic stuff. I think you'll have the same type of mentality and so yes in three years from out of my answer probably Strasburg right now that. I think Strasburg can become Verlander like you said right now he's not there yet Verlander disease and things like that isn't my first Bradford quite there yet. If I have one game and my life right now. We got another couple years -- instructor came. I think that's the picture now take a look at the line. You dynamic players make it a very tough choice. Miguel Cabrera 2012 Triple Crown winner and seven time all star by far. 2012 rookie of the year and all star selection. And tough call one guy's doing it when guys got all the potential. We go. Again this comes down to who you want right now vs maybe down the road right now he can't -- out of Miguel Cabrera is the most feared hitter in baseball unbelievable there's no way to get him out. That Bryce Harper may not be that far behind by the end of the season you may actually think that he could surpass them right now I'd take a breath yeah I think it's the same debate we had last year we Trout. And Cabrera and he's and we might be -- with -- harper at the end of this year and Cabrera I still take maybe but harper is closing fast. I think now we got all the runs ends now we need to win the close out the game. Who's the best closer. Jose pal birdie three time all star and -- -- a day. Off field -- of the 2010 all star did it feel good saves in 2010. Both these guys have proven it yet we'll both of them are on the mound. Come across my fitness and -- you just never know. We go because I had to go -- -- I go Bernie has had his struggles last year Q the Tigers didn't even want them until recently the last couple weeks to put me back in the bullpen. Soriano is much is he might make you nervous on occasion he -- more lock down here the last couple yourself. For sure story and I I've seen a little bit of a step back about the last year. Yeah Soriano so calm and collected I mean in that game numbers against the Tigers did face Cabrera and fielder in the game and yet maybe there's that little bit where your heart and -- some sub ball. From outfielder go -- center but. He he handles the pressure on my officer Albert has -- -- that. He didn't have a contract when spring training started I don't think he's their closer and -- -- contender that's -- Plus on top pick me -- on topic they are taken off here people love that. CSN Washington dot com.

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