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Caps-Rangers Game 5 highlights: Caps win in OT



CSN Washington dot com. -- your blood pressure under control -- game five capitals back on home ice wasn't very little else about you want to have a good game. In this all important game five but not the start. Fans were looking for a -- element talked about this in the pregame -- wrists -- -- Brian Boyle and the Rangers are off to a one nothing lead -- it's all about that -- is good for these guys. You've got to block from ought to find that you've got to pick just passing lanes away certainly -- -- -- get a guy in the slot. Capitals -- the best chance of the period by Joel Ward couldn't capitalize on what thrown to the front that crash hard. You don't want to set at home and set a temple to award did it right there there was a strong start for the Rangers -- hoping had a very strong. Would you Wear my Jon Erskine Carl had a while back to the -- with two goals for the Rangers. Now in the second period cavs finally get a break Brian more problems slash on Mike Ribeiro. That puts a cap for the pump went out there was -- warm this time that power play closely. Joel Ward with the go -- no standing around back from down Johansson right up toward no one expected that shot thinking of going back to holding rated very passive style I'm right there. Sorry it's still tied it upon the start the third down so there's a battle -- John Carlson obviously Lester. And things off the post it once was really great vision of our Rivera right there. Goes then maybe that's different it over the top of it rolling puck Lundqvist gets that tough -- -- their. Arnold over totally agree about the series again this -- so -- -- -- warned the full. The guys that could've ended it. No this week say about Lundqvist a little more stretched a little less hook on that -- people get set in the back of the net art gallery did the Rangers -- our tour over here all bench -- -- -- -- I'm like -- there yeah a turnover they didn't register you know what Marcus Johansson great stick great effort way to use the speed. Great vision a throwback and and the beast comes in the ball. All we turned the ball that went past the big save one for us all away from under the crossbar and Bears your game winner Mike Ribeiro is able to clean things up cap sweated through to one of they take up forty games the two series lead -- ahead of Sunday's game. In New York so remains home sweet home in this series. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Mike Ribeiro0:53, 1:58
  2. Joel Ward0:33, 1:00
  3. John Carlson1:13
  4. Brian Boyle0:21
  5. Marcus Johansson1:46
  6. Bears1:57
  7. Washington0:02, 2:12
  8. power play0:59
  9. holding rated1:06
  10. art gallery1:38
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