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Bullpen can't hold lead for Gonzalez in 2-1 loss



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Mon, 13 May 2013|

The Washington bullpen couldn't hold the lead Gio Gonzalez left for them in a 2-1 loss Sunday afternoon.


Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. You Gonzales was in complete control on the mound. Tossing seven innings of scoreless ball and looking very much like he could go the distance but with his team clinging to a one nothing lead. Davey Johnson decided to pinch hit for his starter and hand this game over to his bullpen a move that backfired when drew store and get up tying run in the -- Very seldom early in the season a lot of guys go out there and and it's. Jessica -- for months you know and to lose a football game late in the game just well managed. It's harder to me you know like to talk customers. Didn't work out it's a tough situation -- wasn't you know pitch was up to bat in the eighth one nothing game. -- -- didn't -- -- upon just as one of those situations is tendon and a lot of good. You know I feel we have -- great bullpen. And I can definitely helps our own time and knows baseball and turn the page move forward and get ready for the next series. I'm nicer makes you saying in. I said it it's you know make good pitches and you know I say get a first down I do have enough problems. The winning run then scored in the ninth with the Cubs attempting a double steal and Kurt Suzuki's throw ricocheting off Wellington to steals bat and in the left field. A freak play Suzuki said he'd never seen before. Whenever somebody is on base I'm always you know looking Alfred Steele. Soriano you know he's Smart you know Smart base runner. -- yeah actually had a pretty good chance they hit the Vasily had a chance to get him out but I said. Weird thing. Despite some dominating pitching performances the nationals wound up losing two of three to the last place Cubs. That won't make for very pleasant cross country flight for the Mets who now face an eleven game road trip through California. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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