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Redskins Ryan Kerrigan sits down before Caps-Rangers Game 7



CSN Washington dot com -- the defensive end of the locker Redskins Ryan Kerrigan Utley just graduated yet they produce a regulation -- -- -- think well done thank you are great games have you been to a couple of games of the season watched caps. What what. Why come to this game -- toward what is watching game live like. Man come at a game live is completely different than watching it on TV -- Come from Indiana we don't have a team back there so it was easy to kind of get in the cut and I get -- caps hockey out here in not coming to games definitely help that out. -- of the guys on Twitter earlier sporting the caps not necessarily. Playing for the capsules what's the support you have between DC sports teams. -- -- -- the you develop sort of -- sort of an interest in a lot of the other teams that are out here you know kids I'm like yeah well it's easy for me zone have a hockey team more -- looking back I mean again itself. One like in the -- some like in the capitals it's pretty easy for me and now exciting games they're both teams that have done well the past couple years so it's -- and been fund kind of stuff forma. Formal like you for them on the goalie Braden hole without going through his pregame ritual they called whole key if you're a hockey guy what your nickname is. Man right however I would imagine that -- -- I want to do that skill with the puck so I'd probably be. More of the enforcer side of things and try to you know my -- -- well right. But I did -- -- -- bottles and all that camera still think third time that she stopped by here I don't draw the game tonight as we get to separate games that. CSN Washington dot com it.



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