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John Tortorella on the Rangers' dominating win over the Capitals



Csnwashington.com. -- it matters theories. I just you know. We had a good group. We just stay with that it it's it's a group that are being totally understands. Just take it one day at a time and you know down -- nothing and and not try to be Smart ass I just didn't think we're that far off I think a number of people -- Elton nothing. You know can get the stunning news of its but tall Hilton Clarke. But we just want to go to business try to take one day at a time and Henry was obviously. Fantastic through this series and we found ways to get some momentum. Went three out of four going into this game. And that we felt good about. What does it say about. And is the goaltender and as a leader to get shut outs in the two elimination games against what knowing he was -- was he was really good. But I'm not gonna the team was also good to. I have to give that the teams credit they played hard in front of them. And Rick is our backbone and for us to continue to play in need to get through the series you goaltender passed him. We certainly know when he gets tougher. It's. It's it's it's it's a big part of of playoff hockey. And we've talked to -- and I think you know all year long we've been pretty disciplined team. You get to this type situation. And you know such was trying to get his team go but I think it's panel and then. It is a penalty that. It's part of the game. We've talked what right on through here because of the -- for being so good a big part of being a tough team to play us is taking it to make a play. And I thought all our guys do dating -- got banged around a little bit. But they need to place it and so that's how it's going to be Lucic is gonna become an hour from -- in Boston number people going to be coming after. That's the way you have to play tickets to make plays and hopefully if underway. CSN Washington dot com.



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