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Jill Sorenson reports from the Caps' Game 7 loss to New York



CSN Washington dot com as we head to Verizon Center were Marshall -- to -- with a Washington Capitals all season long and gel. It's just like last year I was saying a game seven. Actually it was last year I was -- in game seven loss to New York Rangers want to get got a tough locker room to go into. Yeah and at this point it is you know it's all too familiar and all too familiar locker room to go into. In this post season with the caps. Fouling out not getting past the first round. They haven't gotten past the second round in this Alex Ovechkin -- and I will tell you this is one that disappointed capitals team. They talked about the adversity that they've been through this year which made it all the more frustrating to lose and a doozy just like this one. But a lot of McNabb said before this post season that this was the team. The best team as an -- seemed that they have been -- that this had a chance. To go all the way and this is the first time that they have felt this way. Ever in this Alex Ovechkin might green -- if you will. And all I can say is they were very disappointed. The disappointment. Mom. The course. From doing or stuff serious and what's the way -- month -- -- but -- Womb. Maybe somebody was monsters and some. To -- that's been my toughest holes with. You know not so concerned. Think general thoughts for the game it's just. Well we were able to play better and improve myself especially the nerves. Have a chance Wimbledon they'll have some -- -- -- -- going to -- You know before the playoffs Carle all -- are told us that he believes. That this team will be judged on how they do or don't do in the playoffs. And once again he said I judge myself on whether or not I win in the playoffs and right now I'm doing that and he was disappointed as well check. I -- sort Sunday of a chat with Alexander Ovechkin to a player in the show we thank you very much for your time here. On Geico sports essential. CSN Washington dot com.



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