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Capitals-Rangers game 7 highlights



CSN Washington dot com this is it -- go on loser the world well. -- that you're the first period. Ortiz went that way about it physical play on both sides -- Detroit seven hits in the first period. John Carlson took over the shot but could not find an opening Ryan Callahan -- Jason -- the ice after the way. -- Seve that -- in this one they -- the way. Mike Green on the partial breakaway -- -- -- was here rebound Chris creator takes. Down the ice pass to Aaron passion. -- the slapper. And the puck -- the field past -- and pats hold the glove side rangers' fourth line strike first one nothing. Under five minutes in the first Cabrera with a good opportunity but -- violent with Rivera with the bat but who after the with the opponent that. Later that period Niemi goes through Matt Hendricks. Hit along the boards by passion and how about this power play for the capital what is that possible. Yeah. From Washington unable to capitalize. It or did -- down one after one. The second period we go on the Rangers trying to keep the momentum going in they do details Hyatt where the rebound off the shot -- -- it home for New York. Capitals now down by a -- the first goal of the playoffs for -- two minutes later. Michael Dell's not a little rest here and there's another one for the Rangers. Tough break report seeing the boys -- but deflecting off the inside of going for hours -- And somehow finding its way through the full speed pads the Rangers keep it coming up three nothing and the -- in trouble. Five of the opening faceoff in the third Ryan Callahan what they steal at center ice picks up the right side and -- hoping. Stick side from the back and -- did not stop the bleeding. Down for nothing and the bad news keeps rolling here. Matt this role would that -- could put the puck back and I backed that. And there is yours and dagger another heartbreaking season Ender in the district that he caps ball for the Raiders. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Mike Green0:31
  2. Ryan Callahan0:22, 1:51
  3. John Carlson0:18
  4. Michael Dell's1:29
  5. Matt Hendricks1:00
  6. Raiders2:16
  7. Washington0:02, 1:09, 2:19
  8. Detroit0:14
  9. New York1:23
  10. power play1:04
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